2016: TPIE’s Opening Session
Wednesday, January 20; 9 – 10 a.m. Free with your show badge!

Shifting Perspectives, presented by international trends analyst, Christine Boland. Take advantage of the rich consumer information offered by the international trend analyst Christine Boland.

“Current times are marked by movement and shifts, both literally and figuratively. The world is experiencing a period of cultural transience; a new era is evolving, with all the excitement this brings in its wake. Consumer trends arise as a reaction to the spirit of the time.” — Christine Boland






The talk of TPIE 2015 was Christine Boland’s Opening Session presentation on Trends and Mindsets. In an enjoyable storytelling manner, Christine presents large, societal shifts and trends, deftly applying them everyday business decisions, as well as designs of products and services to trigger increased customer appeal. She barely touched the surface of her subject at TPIE 2015, so we’re bringing Christine Boland back for “the rest of the story.” Last year’s session was standing room only so come early to get a good seat.

About Christine...
Christine Boland is a leading international trend watcher and analyst. Using Amsterdam as her home base, she has been identifying and translating trends in the consumer market for more than twenty years, including fashion trends, retail trends and consumer trends in general. Her clients include some of the most innovative consumer-goods and horticulture producers and retailers in Europe and the U.S.

Sponsored by Live Trends Design Group and SK/Soendgen Keramik.

New: TPIE Elevating Expectations Session

In step with the new TPIE tagline, Elevating Expectations, a special session has been added to the TPIE schedule to help you elevate expectations of yourself, your business and your industry. Good enough is just the beginning.

Thursday, January 21, 8 a.m. Elevating Expectations

Join international speaker, author and strategist John Kennedy as he addresses not only reacting to changing expectations in your world, but taking the step to elevate expectations. In New Orleans, they call it lagniappe - going the extra mile, giving a little more, offering the “gift” of an experience and thereby elevating expectations.

The trick is once you do it, it will be expected again, so the need for consistency is key! John will establish the six steps to drive consistency within your organization, including a “playbook of change” for 2016 and beyond.

About John...
John Kennedy
is a favorite TPIE presenter. He has the energy and expertise to make it worthwhile to get up early to attend an 8 a.m. session. John is dedicated to enhancing lives both personally and professionally by delivering world-class presentations with integrity, passion and results. Not only that, he likes to have fun and so will you during this complimentary TPIE session.


New: TPIE Interior Design Showrooms

Plants are an important part of any interior setting and TPIE offers a special showcase of today's hottest trends in interior design styles. Visit Lobby A of the convention center to see four interior vignettes designed by four different interior designers which match plant designs with interior designs. Featured styles will include modern, repurposed/reclaimed, mid-century modern and children's spaces.

TPIE’s Happy Hour
Wednesday, January 20; 5 – 6 p.m. Free with your show badge!

It’s always a surprise what will happen at TPIE’s Happy Hour! End the first day of the show on a high note, don’t miss this year’s Happy Hour: share stories and a drink, continue business deals and enjoy special entertainment.
All compliments of Suntory.

TPIE Welcome Orientation
Wednesday, January 20, 8 a.m.

Get the most from attending TPIE by attending this informative pre-show session as show staff and volunteers review show details and information on the various programs being offered. Free coffee!

Wednesday is Garden Writer Day at TPIE!
Wednesday, January 20

Connecting the nation's garden writers and communicators with TPIE and its exhibitors, FNGLA invites key writers to be a part of a two-day event starting Tuesday, January 19 for a Garden & Design Tour and then on Wednesday, January 20, TPIE offers VIP seating at TPIE's Opening Session and a special show floor tour designed to pinpoint top items of interest and help writers navigate the floor. Additionally, Thursday's "Cool Stuff at TPIE" is a highlight for garden media.


TPIE 'Create Theater' Demonstrations
presented by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)

The TPIE Create Theater offers an experience on the show floor to encourage creative thinking when it comes to new sales opportunities for foliage and tropical plants. AIFD floral designers will provide two workshops each day based on market trends. See the session line-up!

TPIE’s Innovation Lounge & the Exhibitor Showcase of Products

Get recharged at TPIE’s Innovation Lounge where you’ll find a showcase of the newest and coolest plants and products in the industry as well as power outlets to recharge your phone and tablets. Lounge seating makes this a perfect place to meet up with colleagues and make new business connections.
Sponsor of TPIE Exhibitor Showcase:

Trending Interiorscape Projects, Peer presented
Thursday, January 21, 11:30 a.m.

With TPIE as a favorite event for interiorscapers from across the continent, it’s the perfect place for colleagues to share their most current and trending interiorscape projects. Learn the challenges and solutions of recent and proven installations as selected interiorscapers share their work firsthand through fast-paced, yet informative presentations.

Cool Stuff at TPIE
Thursday, January 21, 2:00 p.m.

See what the buyers say are the coolest products at the TPIE! Facilitated by The Garden Center Group, this session showcases the top 15 cool plants and products voted on by buyers at the show. Exhibitors with winning products will share more information about the items during this session. It’s a quick and lively way to see what’s trending at TPIE.


Support the NFF For Added Fun!
Use your discerning design eye to take part in a new National Foliage Foundation fundraiser. Vote for your favorite TPIE Interior Design Showroom using real money. This is a fun way to raise money for industry research and feel good about buying votes. There is no limit on how much money you can stuff in the ballot boxes. An NFF endowment will be named in honor of the winning interior design company.

FNGLA Horticulture Career Fair

Friday, January 22, 11 a.m. – 12 Noon

FNGLA reaches out to tomorrow's leaders by hosting a Horticulture Career Fair at TPIE. This interactive program brings together high school students, industry educators and potential employers in a high-energy environment. Following this educational and competitive event, students are invited to tour the TPIE show floor to learn more about the vast scope of Florida's nursery and landscape industry. Learn more about the FNGLA Horticulture Career Fair.