Celebrating 65 years of membership

Until 1951, the Florida State Nurserymen had been a part of the Florida State Florist and Nurserymen Association. In May of that year, some nurserymen members felt that with the growing importance of the nursery industry within Florida and with concerns not shared by the Florist group, a separate organization was needed.

The first official organized meeting was held in Miami on May 25-27, 1952 and a plan of organization was adopted. Dave Stabler of Winter Haven Nursery agreed to be president. James F. Griffin, Jr. came to what was then called FNGA as Executive Secretary in early 1953. Since that time, FNGLA has gained strength, popularity and clout-absorbing the Florida Foliage Association in 1993, the Florida Ornamental Growers Association in 1995 and the Florida Landscape Designers Association in 1999. During this time, FNGLA established itself as one of the largest and most active nursery associations in the country with a membership base of over 1,800 professionals.

Now in it's sixth decade serving the industry, FNGLA is in its prime! The association represents all walks of the industry--foliage, woody ornamental, citrus nurseries, floriculture producers, interiorscapers, retailers, allied suppliers and landscape professionals - as proven by the addition of "landscape" to the FNGA name-making the association the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association, FNGLA. Landscape contractors, landscape designers, landscape architects and the like now have an association targeting their needs. Government representation & monitoring, professional education and marketing projects encompass just some of the services provided by FNGLA to members and the industry.

FNGLA Presidents

2017-18 Ed Bravo 1984-85 Earl Christenbury
2016-17 Robert Shoelson 1983-84 Edwin Bolling
2015-16 Billy Butterfield 1982-83 Colleen Boggs
2014-15 Sanford Stein 1981-82 Jerry Soowal
2013-14 Michael Marshall 1980-81 Fount May
2012-13 Wes Parrish 1979-80 Robert L. Hartwig
2011-12 Halsey Beshears 1978-79 Walter A. Gammel
2010-11 Carolan Mahr 1977-78 William G. Adams
2009-10 Monty Knox 1976-77 James D. Blakely
2008-09 Rosemary Warner 1975-76 George Russell, Jr.
2007-08 Dave Self 1974-75 John A. Blaser
2006-07 Paul Polomsky 1973-74 Richard A. Gladwin
2005-06 Richard Carroll 1972-73 Joseph C. Shaw
2004-05 Bill "Rocky" Klinger 1971-72 Joseph Welker
2003-04 M .E. "Buck" Wurster 1970-71 Beverly Turbeville
2002-03 Jerry Frye 1969-70 Jack Christmas
2001-02 George Hackney 1968-69 Lawrence W. Clements
2000-01 Dr. Joe Cialone 1967-68 Richard C. Johnson
1999-00 Jane Van Cleave 1966-67 Jack Siebenthaler
1998-99 Alvaro Somoza 1965-66 Jerry Turner
1997-98 George Finora 1964-65 R.E. "Ed" Brown
1996-97 Alan Shapiro 1963-64 Charles Culbreath
1995-96 Russ Mueller 1962-63 Charles Chaplin
1994-95 Lori Schaefer 1961-62 N. Curtis Peterson, Jr.
1993-94 Tomas Aiello 1960-61 Verne Buck
1992-93 Gary Roberts 1959-60 P.D. Shoemaker
1991-92 Sandra Guckenberger 1958-59 Roy S. Rood
1990-91 Michael Raimondi 1957-58 Milton Link
1989-90 William D. Reese 1956-57 Edwin Fraser
1988-89 Ron Arkay 1955-56 Gervin Pringle
1987-88 Wayne Hardy 1954-55 Hugh Lalor
1986-87 George Kimmel, Jr. 1953-54 Charles R. Wedding
1985-86 Roy G. Davis 1952-53 David K. Stabler, Sr.