About My Certification

How Many CEUs Have I Accumulated?


All of FNGLA's certified professionals, including FCHPs, FCLTs, FCLMTs, FCLCs and FCLDs, are required to renew their certifications every three years. In order to renew, you must earn the required number of CEUs during that three-year certification period.


Renewal fee is just $60 for FNGLA members and $90 for non-members. Your renewal is good for three years. Once you have earned your required CEUs, you may renew through the FNGLA office. You will receive a certification renewal form 2 months prior to your renewal. Email info@fngla.org to request a certification renewal form. Mail or fax your Certification Renewal Form with your check or credit card payment to FNGLA.

What's My Number?

How do you know when it is time to renew? A quick look at your certification number will tell you many things, including when your certification expires.

  • The first figure stands for the type of certification you hold:
  • The second figure designates the month of your renewal:
    3 = March, 6 = June, 9 = September and C = December
  • The third figure designates the year of your renewal: e.g. 5= 2015, 6 = 2016, 7=2017, etc.
  • The final 5 numbers make up your exclusive Certification number which does not change

Continuing Education

FNGLA's Certified Professionals are required to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in order to renew their certifications every three years. Continuing education is designed to assure that FNGLA's certified professionals keep up-to-date on the latest in industry trends, horticultural information and environmentally-sound landscape practices. FNGLA's CEU structure is designed so the certified professional must attend a minimum of three separate events in order to earn the required number of CEUs. The options for obtaining CEUs are vast.

Remember, the rule of thumb on CEUs is 1 CEU per hour of instruction, up to 4 per day. For more information about Continuing Education, contact FNGLA

Marketing Materials

Several free items are available from FNGLA for its certified professionals to assist in marketing yourself and your company.
Items include:

  • "Why You Should Hire A Certified Landscape Professional" pamphlet
  • Brochures designed to fit into a business envelope and be included with your promotional materials or bids.
  • Color brochures describing FNGLA's certification programs are also available.
  • Logos for use on your business cards, letterhead, advertisements and other promotional materials.

Please Contact Merry Mott at mmott@fngla.org for any of these items and more.