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Bradley Adams  FCHP FCLT           Employer 
Jamil Barlow  FCHP             Employer 
Bryce Burger      FCLC     FWS   Employer 
Carl Davis  FCHP             Employer 
Ken Delarbre Jr. FCHP             Employer 
Stephen Dunlap  FCHP             Employer 
Nathan Fairclough  FCHP         FWS   Employer 
Scott Hall  FCHP             Employer 
Heather K. Jamerson  FCHP             Employer 
Tricia A. Peddicord  FCHP FCLT FCLC         Employer 
Devora Pendleton  FCHP         FWS   Employer 
Frank Severino III FCHP             Employer 
Alan Shapiro  FCHP             Employer 
Travis Simmons    FCLT       FWS   Employer 
Patricia Starnes  FCHP             Employer 
Harold E. Todd Jr. FCHP             Employer 
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Find an FNGLA Certified Professional near you. Please select at least one criteria and click on the "Search" button.The more criteria you select, the smaller your list of professionals will be. Not all professionals have designated their industry segment, so making your search as broad as possible will give you more professionals from which to choose.

Why hire a certified professional?

Today's consumers demand certain minimum standards for every occupation. They want to easily recognize and employ true professionals. Florida's nursery and landscape industry, through FNGLA, continues to maintain the standards for growing, maintaining, selling and installing the many plants and products offered in Florida.

FNGLA's Certified Professionals have demonstrated their knowledge and skills in such things as plant care, pest identification, water quality, water conservation and fertilization. Those who hold a landscape certification are also required to demonstrate their skills in landscape installation techniques, design principles, irrigation repair and landscape maintenance.

At the core of FNGLA's certifications are the Green Industries Best Management Practices. When hiring an FNGLA Certified Professional, you are choosing an individual who has demonstrated proficiency in standards that lead to the protection of Florida's water resources.

Hiring an FNGLA Certified Professional demonstrates Fiscal Responsibility. Any job completed properly the first time, in accordance with local, state and federal requirements, is done responsibly.

Only those who pass an extensive exam, and complete continuing education during their certification period, are designated FNGLA Certified Professionals. The FNGLA Certified Industry Professional logo designates a nursery, garden center or landscape firm that employs trained professionals who "know what grows."