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All Pro Landscaping of Tallahassee, Inc. Robin C. Barber  850-656-5939 
Bill Beaty William Beaty  850-510-7891 
Big Southern Tree Growers, Inc. Philip Crampton  850-997-2517 
Capital City Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. Benjamin H. Gunter  850-562-0315 
Central Florida Lands & Timber Nursery LLC Marvin Buchanan  386-294-1211 
Davis Greenscapes LLC William Davis Sr. 850-712-5549 
Ecoturf Sod LLC Jenny Lloyd  855-ECOTURF 
Floyd Fisher Floyd Fisher  850-241-4596 
Graco Fertilizer Co. Thad Le Gette  800-343-5620 
Graco Fertilizer Co. Bob Le Gette  800-343-5620 
Hackney Nursery Co. George Hackney  800-622-8605 
Lake Tree Growers Doug Lake  229-762-4888 
Landscape Pine Straw Bobby Gibbs  866-617-1301 
LawnKeepers Hurbert Roberts  850-321-3545 
Lloyd Nursery Peter Kantor  850-997-0085 
Mack Brothers Landscape Nursery Steve McElroy  850-671-3614 
Magnolia Grex & Associates Gale Allbritton  850-933-9545 
May Nursery, Inc. Richard May  850-539-6495 
Monticello Nurseries Bill French  850-509-3354 
Murphy Citrus Nursery, Inc. Billy W. Murphy  850-672-0893 
Oglesby Plants International, Inc. Gary Hennen  800-762-0022 
Oglesby Plants International, Inc. Val Bednarek  800-762-0022 
Persica Landscape Nursery Co, Inc. Reza Karimipour  850-422-0002 
Piney Grove Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. Tim Boone  850-638-9995 
The Plant Man Landscape & Design Alex Kantor  850-997-1008 
Putnals Premium Pine Straw, Inc. Jim Carlsen  800-462-1795 
Simpson Nurseries Thad Beshears  800-874-3571 
State of Florida Dept. of Transportation Jeff Caster  866-374-3368 x5267 
SunBlest Gardens Caleb Van Wingerden  850-421-0111 
Superior Trees, Inc. Alan Webb  850-971-5159 
Tallahassee Nurseries, Inc. Paul H. Brock  850-385-2162 
Tallahassee Nurseries, Inc. Frank Douglas  850-385-2162 
Tallahassee Nurseries, Inc. Nate Prosser  850-385-2162