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Arbor Day kidsIn an effort to celebrate gardening, FNGLA is a proud sponsor of the Florida School Gardening Competition. The Florida School Garden Competition encourages teachers to intergrate school gardening experineces into their school curiculumn providing workshops and resources to help teachers succeed. The competition takes place each Spring and awards the top three schools in three categories: single class, multiple class and entire school garden.

For more details on FNGLA's participation with the Florida School Garden Competition, contact Jennifer Nelis, (407) 295-7994 or visit the competition's website.

Resources for Teachers: Arbor Day

Materials available meet the Sunshine State Standards set forth by the State of Florida:

Support for Florida Agriculture: Buy an "Ag Tag"

The Ag Tag Specialty PlateFor more information on incorporating Florida Agricultural concepts into your classroom, visit Florida Ag in the Classroom which coordinates a statewide Florida Agriculture Literacy Day each year in April. Books are available for classes and volunteers are encouraged to participate in spreading the Florida Ag message!

You can also show your support for Florida's agriculture year-round by purchasing a Florida Ag Tag!