Consumer Education

Resources to learn how use the right plant for the right place

GrowSmart Campaign

To help spread the message of water conservation during unusually dry conditions, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and FNGLA have teamed up to bring GrowSmart!-- a public awareness campaign that encourages water-wise landscaping and promotes the use of "the right plant for the right place" and other Florida-friendly landscaping principles direct to Florida's consumers! Look for GrowSmart! spots airing statewide.

Online Consumer Education

FNGLA's consumer web site, www.floridagardening.org, is also a great resource for consumers. Event listings, tips and more make this web site the offiical "go-to" place for all things consumer gardening.

Partnering with the University of Florida - IFAS, FNGLA supports www.solutionsforyourlife.org as an ideal online venue for educating Florida's consumers about Florida's unique gardening challenges. Through the site, the University of Florida offers research-based assistance, information and advice to Florida's gardeners and can even link users to the wealth of local extension services that are available for their area of the state.