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Ken Thomas started his first business fresh out of college with $1,000 and a pickup truck. From there, he grew to $5 million before selling to LandCare in 1998. Ken is also the former owner and managing partner of award winning Scapes Landscape, which was one of the top 100 landscape companies in America. Scapes was acquired by ValleyCrest in 2008. Ken spent 2 years in leadership at ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance as Sales Leader for the southeast region.

During Ken's 30 year career, Envisor founder Ken has owned three of Atlanta’s most successful landscape companies. An astute businessman who’s not afraid to dig in the dirt, Ken knows the secrets and systems of thriving landscape operations. A long-standing member of PLANET/ALCA and past president of the Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association, Ken is a true visionary with a down to earth approach. “Anyone can learn to be a great landscaper. The key to success in this industry is to become a great landscape businessman or woman.”

Ben Gandy has developed operating systems and implemented key strategies which have propelled several businesses to profitability, market leadership, and successful transitions including Scapes Landscape – one of the top 100 companies in the U.S. Ben’s lean production expertise is unparalleled, having spent several years working with the nation’s largest landscape provider deploying their lean initiatives on a national level. He has been to virtually every landscape market in the U.S. implementing lean on a cultural and practical level.

A long time PLANET member, Ben has a down to earth, practical approach. He is committed to simple solutions that drive results. With a passion for operations and systems-based management strategies and lean thinking, Ben is positioned to guide others in pursuit of their vision. “Anyone can make things more complicated. Real genius is in making things simple. Complex solutions are hard to communicate, implement or sustain. Only simple solution work."

Here's what you'll see happening:

Keys to Business Success

Envisor consultants will outline certain key critical elements to business success in the landscape industry today, including:

Understanding the Business Life Cycle

The stages of business are predictable, but not automatic. Progressing to the next stage requires intention, leadership and understanding where you are and what steps are necessary.

Start Clean Finish Clean, The Keys to Business Process

Only when businesses become systems based are they scalable and manageable. Key processes are discussed on order to develop strong business systems.

DiSC, Using Personality Profiles to Foster Stronger Communication

The use of Personality Profiles can foster better self-awareness, stronger teamwork and improved client communication.

Lean Applications in Landscape Production

Lean manufacturing practices have direct applicants in the landscape industry., learn basic lean concepts and how these can be applied to drive products and improve margins


Account Manager Boot Camp

Envisor consultants share best practices from the landscape maintenance industry for middle managers, including:

Introduction to Account Management

Account management is defined and overviewed.

Extra Mile Service – Keys to Customer Service Excellence

There are leaders in every competitive industry. The differentiator in a competitive marketplace is customer service.

Onboarding New Clients – A Systematic Approach to Ensuring Success

There will always be only one chance to make a first impression. A poor start can cost money, reputation and often the client. Learn the leys to a systematic approach.

Site Visits – Being Efficient and Effective

Site visits must serve to develop the capability of the crews and serve your customers. Develop an intentional, pragmatic approach to being efficient and effective.

Upselling Enhancements – Critical Elements to Vertical Selling

Enhancement sales are a key critical element to successful Accent Manager. Types of enhancements, presentation techniques and understand the property management world are all discussed.