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What is PlantANT and how is it affiliated with FNGLA?

PlantANT is the official FNGLA locator. FNGLA has allied with PlantANT so nurseries, suppliers, and service providers can take advantage of its advanced industry search engine. PlantANT uses a results-driven billing model to help you reach new customers from all over the world. It's unique pay-per-click advertising method ensures you only pay when you see results. You can read more about how PlantANT bills here.

FNGLA Member Benefits

As an FNGLA member, you can take advantage of PlantANT for free or take advantage of special pricing on unlimited listings:

  • Nurseries: 5 free listings or 5% off unlimited plant listings
  • Allied Supplies: 5 free listings or 5% off unlimited supply listings (currently free)
  • Service Providers: 25% off service listings (currently free)
  • 10% off standard websites which start at only $1050 and $20/month. (Discount does not include custom websites or monthly website fees)

How to Receive Your FNGLA Member Benefit

  1. Login to your supplier account. If you do not already have one, click here to create a supplier account.
    Please contact us if you need to upgrade your user account to a supplier account.
  2. Click on "My Account" and then "Link Associations".
  3. Click the "Link" button next to FNGLA.
  4. Enter your FNGLA member id. If you do not know your member id, please contact the FNGLA at 800-375-3642 or
  5. Select the type of discount you wish to receive and click ok.
  6. If you need any assistance, please contact PlantANT.