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Looking to set your booth apart at TPIE 2017? Got seven minutes? Aurelia Rose Riley, a buyer for Rockledge Gardens, shows exhibitors 12 "Trade Show Booth Do's and Don'ts" so they can be sure they'll bring their A-game this year to Ft. Lauderdale: 


Video courtesy of GrowerTalks. Subscribe to their Youtube channel here.
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Ag Angel Program Solicits Industry Support

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time for the Christmas Ag Angels program to launch its efforts for 2016. Nine years ago, Scott Kirouac started donating to local schools in the Highlands Heartland area of Florida. For 2015, the program raised $42,450 in 30 Days!

That’s over $10,000 more than the year prior. 100% of the money provides Christmas gifts for less fortunate children - many of whom are minority agriculture families. 2015 brought presents and Christmas spirit to hundreds of children in all 17 Highlands County Public Schools and 4 Hardee County Public Schools.

The true success of this program is due to its contributors-- people like you. Will you join the effort this year to make an even bigger difference for 2016?

Get Involved... As always, 100% of the funds collected will be used to purchase gifts by the teachers and staff. No funds are used to give gift cards or cash to the students or parents. This assures the funds are not used for unintended purposes. Scott’s goal has always been, and will continue to be, to provide underprivileged children the joy of waking up Christmas morning and having a special gift to open.

Scott asks you to make your donation now, while fresh in your mind: Proceeds will be distributed to the schools and programs by December 10 enabling the "Elves" time to shop for the children before winter break. Checks can be made to Ag Angels Inc., P.O. Box 8333, Sebring, Florida 33872 or make a donation online at http://www.agangels.org.

2015’s Ag Angel program raised $42,450 in just 30 days. Scott Kirouac heads up the effort now in its 9th year of service.

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FCLMT Certification Testing Deadline: Friday, November 18

FNGLA’s Certified Landscape Maintenance Technician (FCLMT) program measures the skills of practicing landscape maintenance technicians. This program serves to train employees, recognize their achievement and raise the standards of working professionals within Florida’s landscape industry.

FCLMT is offered as a stand-alone certification and marketed to the landscape industry as an employee training, recognition and advancement program. This certification relies heavily on the Green Industries Best Management Practices.

FNGLA’s FCLMT exam is a one-day exam encompassing field exam sections. Each FCLMT field exam section must be passed with a minimum 70% in order to earn

the FCLMT certification.

Field Exams include: Plant ID; Pest Management; Fertilization; Vehicle Operation (Truck & Trailer); Irrigation; Pruning; Site Evaluation; and, Turf Management.

Next up on the certifications training circuit is the FNGLA Certified Landscape Maintenance Technician testing date December 17 at Ameriscapes USA in Thonotosassa (near Tampa). The FCLMT certification is designed for landscape maintenance professionals to further their knowledge of best management practices. The upcoming test will run from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The deadline for registration is Friday, November 18. To register, go to https://www.fngla.org/certifications/preparation/registration.aspx.

For more information on upcoming trainings and testing dates, visit FNGLA's Certifications & Education Facebook page.

Also, sign up for FNGLA's Certification monthly newsletter here.

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FNGLA’s Annual Convention Set for June 23 & 24, Ft. Lauderdale
Dust off your dancing shoes, and be sure to bring your smiles. Ladies, and gentlemen: the date is set. FNGLA’s Annual Convention for 2017 will take place June 23 & 24 in Ft. Lauderdale. 

“It’s at the B Ocean Resort, which is formerly the Yankee Clipper,” said Christy Savage-Griffin, FNGLA’s Broward Chapter president, of the upcoming event. “Inside is also the old historic bar called The Wreck Bar where they have the famous mermaid show, which you can watch right from the window in the bar.”

FNGLA’s Broward Chapter will serve as the host chapter this year. In keeping with tradition, the location of convention depends on where the FNGLA President is based. In this case, Robert Shoelson, CEO of Betrock Information Systems and owner of Getting Green Plant Service, is located in South Florida. The historic B Ocean Resort, which has recently undergone a multi-million dollar, total renovation, is also one of the few Ft. Lauderdale hotels located directly on the beach, added Savage-Griffin. 

And, as tradition emerges again for this signature FNGLA event, FNGLA’s Annual Meeting takes place during Convention. It is at this key association meeting where FNGLA’s prestigious industry awards are presented, new association officers are elected and FNGLA’s CEO Ben Bolusky gives his annual state of the association report.

The main attraction, besides the breathtaking views of the Atlantic, will be the chance to connect with new and old friends and look back at what was accomplished, industry-wide, in 2016. 

“People can expect to really enjoy themselves,” said Savage-Griffin. “It will be a good opportunity for some serious networking – but at the same time – good fun.” 

Look for a complete schedule, hotel details, and information on online registration in coming weeks at www.fngla.org.

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Behind Lock & Key: Inmates Train Their Way Into Industry

Deep behind two towering security fences, each teeming with hundreds of barbed wire curls, a handful of horticulture professionals brave past security check points, and x-ray searches to enter the largest federal prison in the country. Their mission? To ask a group of inmates studying horticulture what they could offer a prospective employer.

The inmates, a group of men serving time for felonies including gun and drug charges and other non-violent offenses, are enrolled in a horticulture training program at Federal Correctional Institution – Coleman’s Low security unit. The unit is part of a campus of roughly 2,000 inmates which also includes a work camp, medium, and maximum security units. The stoic complex sits among vast stretches of flat green pasture deep in Sumter County, Florida.

The aim of the horticulture vocational training program is to teach inmates skills to help them change their lives. The curriculum involves a mix of classroom instruction, and hands-in-the-soil training. As part of the program, inmates are also given the chance to earn two professional recognitions relating to horticulture: the Florida Friendly Landscaping’s Green Industries Best Management Practices (GI-BMP), and the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) certification.

Prisoners learn about hydroponics, and the spectrum of growing plants, from seed germination to harvesting. They also learn about maintaining and learning to spot growing issues, according to Lloyd Singleton, UF/IFAS extension agent for Sumter County, and the program’s architect. The program, which also includes a culinary arts training component, is funded through a contract between the University and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

"In the five years of this UF/IFAS Extension contract with the Department of Justice, 457 inmate students have been trained and certified," said Singleton.

So far, the pass rate for both recognitions among inmates hovers around 90%, according to Singleton.

With the certifications these inmates gain through the program while incarcerated, it qualifies them for jobs inside a nursery, greenhouse, or in landscape maintenance, landscape installation, or even hydroponics.

Aside from a few jarring reminders – padlocks on all file cabinets, and drawers, and what feels like constant and harsh interruptions over the facility-wide loud speaker – the prison’s classroom has all the calling cards of any high school class – dry erase board, teacher’s desk at the head, various hort books strewn about, and tissue paper flowers affixed to the blue fabric partitions that wall in the space from the rest of the expansive area.

Outside the classroom space, toward the back of an expansive and industrial all-purpose room lies rows of green hydroponic plantings each bathing under heat lamps.

On this particular mid-October morning, as fog begins to burn off in the bare clearings leading up to the massive complex, this eager group of outsiders makes its way to the prison’s library. Once inside, the group, made up of those from agencies including the University of Florida/IFAS, FNGLA, and CareerSource Florida, will shake hands with nearly 60 inmates, and give them the opportunity – some for the first time -- to undergo a common American rite of passage: the formal job interview.

The group was invited on site to serve as prospective bosses in mock interviews for imaginary positions in the horticulture industry as a way to prepare the inmates to weather what will most likely be an uphill battle to employment once they are released from Coleman.

After all, the National Institute of Justice put the inmates’ chances of released prisoners being re-arrested within three years of release at roughly two out of three.

But on this morning, as the group attempts to get settled in the library, there is a sense of optimism in the air.

In her introduction, Susan League, a UF employee who serves as the horticulture training program instructor at Coleman, encourages volunteers to ask the men why they are incarcerated. She reminds that it’s highly likely questions will be asked of nearly every man as they work to rebuild their lives, so the practice can only help.

After each volunteer is spread across the library, one-by-one, the visibly nervous men file in. With their folders full of copies of their resume, and dressed in green khaki pants, and either a tan T-shirt, or a matching green Khaki button-up short sleeve shirt, each inmate takes part in the rotations, answering a string of standard interview questions.

A hum of questions begins to pervade with various incarnations of "What sort of experience do you bring to the table?," and to the more technical, "How many feet must one refrain from spreading fertilizer near bodies of water?" emerging over the hum of activity.

Some handshakes were crisper, some eye contact was more consistent, but all questions were largely met with thoughtful, professional responses. After the exercise, after the men were led out, the volunteers reconvened to offer their thoughts. The prevailing sentiment was that each interviewee had stepped out of their comfort zone, and given it a chance. The hope, League offered in her closing remarks, was when each inmate is released, an employer will return the favor.

Singleton hopes that by this program putting certifications in inmates’ hands, it will later act as "door-openers" for them to use to seek employment in the horticulture industry when they’re released.

Of the 457 inmates who have graduated from the program, 239 have been released, according to Singleton.

"Only 11 have returned to prison, representing less than five percent recidivism," Singleton added. "It is easy to hypothesize the benefit of this training program. With a cost of over $30,000 each year to keep an inmate in prison, we expect this effort may save millions of tax dollars."

The long-term hope for the program, according to Singleton, is it becomes a model for justice systems around the world.

It’s already very popular among inmates at Coleman, he added.

"There is a standing group of nearly 200 on the waiting list," Singleton said. "The inmates must have completed their GED or have a high school diploma. We interview the applicants and select from the pool, giving priority to those with a short time until release – generally within two years."

Once in the program, the class lasts anywhere between four and five months, depending on the circumstances, according to Singleton, who added that lockdowns, fog days and staff vacations all pose potential delays.

The program also appears to be well-received by the Department of Justice, as in April 2016 UF/IFAS was awarded a $2.67 million, five-year contract to expand the program by beginning a half-time vocational horticulture training program into the medium security ward of Coleman. That program is expected to begin this month, Singleton said.

In April, as part of his continuing efforts to grow this initiative for which he so passionately advocates, Singleton gave a program update presentation to the FCC Coleman community relations board. Alongside graphics touting impressive pass rates, and charts displaying evidence of lowered recidivism trajectories among graduates, flashed words from a few inmate graduates on what the program means to them personally, and what, they hoped, their new, tactile, applicable industry skills could yield them on the other side of the horizon they’d spent countless years struggling to breach.

"Rehabilitation is a state of mind for each inmate," read a recent graduate’s virtual message in a bottle to the outside word, across a fleeting PowerPoint slide. "My rehabilitation has been enhanced by the horticulture program in the short term in that I have a program that keeps my mind alive. In the long term, we have potential career opportunities. The value of the program is obvious and is making a difference."

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New FNGLA Member Benefits

FNGLA has introduced two new member benefits for the exclusive use of our members. One adds to your bottom line and the other helps save on out-of-pocket expenses for you and your employees. See what’s new!

Put the Power of Propane to Work for You!

FNGLA members using propane fuel for your forklifts, irrigation pumps, commercial mowers or space/water heaters, you now have a friend in the business! Become a Florida Public Utilities (FPU) commercial business customer and receive a 10% FNGLA member discount on your per gallon rate and a free remote propane tank monitoring system so you never run out of gas! Propane forklifts are refueled quickly with very little down time. They can be used inside greenhouses and outdoors in shade/warehouses and offer 100% power throughout their operation. Propane-fueled irrigation pumps are second only to rain! Compared to diesel, propane engines cost up to 50% less to purchase and will save up to 40% on fuel costs. And don’t forget tankless water heaters which efficiently provide an endless supply of hot water. The future of professional lawn care absolutely includes clean-burning, low operating cost, environmentally-green machines powered by propane.

This opportunity is open to all FNGLA members in good standing who are not currently FPU customers. If you’re already a FPU customer, you are invited to request an account review to determine if your per-gallon rate can be adjusted. FNGLA member business must be located within a FPU service territory.


10% discount per gallon of propane purchased.

Free propane tank monitor with a leased propane tank (120 gallon minimum) to ensure you don’t run out of propane!


Forklift & Commercial Mower Cylinders*

CYLINDERS: FPU will supply high-quality aluminum cylinders and a rack storage system at no cost.

ON-SITE FILL: Whether using FPU cylinders or your own, FPU trucks will fill them on-site.

CUSTOM TANK INSTALLATION: FPU will work with FNGLA members to help build a customized plan for installing an on-site dispensing system, assisting with cost and permits. An on-site dispensing system gives you the convenience of having your own propane filling station.

SCHEDULED DELIVERIES: FPU will monitor your consumption to ensure timely propane deliveries.

*Benefits program subject to change. Effective though December 31, 2017. Forklift and commercial mower cylinder programs are not available statewide, so check for availability.

Contact FPU Commercial Growth & Retention Manager Ben Semchuck at 863-289-7608 or bsemchuck@fpuc.com for details.

Discounted Prescription Drug Card Offers Savings on Medication

Florida RxCard is a free statewide prescription discount drug card offering savings as much as 75% on both generic and brand medications! Although not a health insurance plan, this Florida RxCard can help make prescriptions more affordable for both you, your employees and families. If one has health insurance, the Florida RxCard may even offer discounts on medications not covered by the insurance plan. The Florida RxCard is underwritten by pharmacies and drug companies – not the federal government.

The Florida RxCard is free.

Florida RxCard users are not required to provide any personal info -- none is collected, sold, shared or distributed.

There is an online search for covered medications.

Florida RxCard users do not need any health insurance or additional medical coverage. Florida RxCards can be used by FNGLA members, employees and families.

Major pharmacies, including Wal-Mart, CVS, Winn Dixie, Walgreens, Costco and many others, accept the Florida RxCard.

There are no forms to fill out nor are any files needed to obtain the Florida RxCard.

No age or health restrictions. No pre-existing conditions. No waiting periods.

H-2B landscape workers are able to use this card.

Contact Debbie Adler at 770-313-7261 or dadler@floridarxcard.com.

To print a card, visit: http://www.floridarxcard.com/index.php.

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Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition: Sessions Spotlight
Whether it’s a dozen or so feet beneath New York City streets in a forgotten trolley station, or as the life force blown into the latest design trends, this year’s TPIE sessions will illustrate how plants are the connection. 

Interior Designer and trend-spotter Jane Lockhart will lead the opening session, Where Plants and Lifestyle Connect, which will highlight ways to pair plants with interior spaces to integrate beauty, wellness and nature. 

“When we design a room, it is a three-dimensional concept we bring to life. But a room isn’t truly alive until there is life thriving in the space,” said Lockhart of how plants act to accentuate. “Lush, natural plants breathe air and life into a space, lift our spirits and remind us this added dimension is more than visually appealing, it connects us with nature, year round.”

Lockhart is the principal designer of Jane Lockhart Interior Design, the Toronto firm she founded in 1997. An award-winning designer, TV personality, and author – well-known for her expertise in interior design and color, Lockhart is a fresh voice on consumer spending and millennials. This session will take place Wednesday, January 18 at 9 a.m.

Showcasing how plants are at the heart of a repurpose project stretches from an abandoned trolley line on Manhattan’s east side into an underground public space, Mark Mini and Andrew Engel of John Mini Distinctive Landscapes will present The Lowline Lab & Subterranean Parks: How, Why and What it Means for the Future of our Industry, this year’s Exceeding Expectations session. Both Mini and Engel will explore this innovative project which aspires to become the first underground park with flora supported by natural sunlight. 

“The use of innovative technology is a game-changer for our industry and cities across the world,” said Mini, who serves as vice president of operations of the Lowline project. “We are delivering natural sunlight to places unexpected, allowing us to not only re-introduce nature where it once thrived, but also cultivate it in places it never would have existed. The project opens the door to a whole new field of horticulture.”

The pair will also lay out their part in its inception, what excites them, and how it could reshape the interior plantscaping industry. Sponsored by the National Foliage Foundation, the session takes place on Thursday, January 19 at 3 p.m.

Also slated are a series of workshops aimed at providing inspiration and practical advice for business success, and tours of both local production facilities, and gardens. Also on display will be three interior design showrooms which accentuate plants. Another popular show highlight is TPIE’s Cool Products Awards, which spotlights the top 15 retail and interiorscape plants and products, voted on by show buyers. 

For more information on TPIE 2017, visit the events section of FNGLA's website

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President's Letter: Positive Happenings for Florida’s Nursery and Landscape Industry

Fall is here. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler, and the leaves are changing.  Well, unfortunately we do not get too many leaves changing in South Florida, but there is a definite change in the weather.  Speaking of weather, South Florida dodged a huge bullet with Hurricane Matthew.  There are some on the east coast of Florida north of us who were not so lucky.  The state’s cut fern industry around the Volusia County area took a major hit.  Recovery time is expected to be measured in months.  Buyers of these products can expect shortages, price increases and quality changes.  About 90% of cut ferns come out of this area.  I have spoke with some friends both in and outside industry who have suffered severe damage to their homes.  It is hard to tell someone who has lost their home or sustained major damage that it could have been worse, however in the grand picture, if Hurricane Matthew had shifted about 50 miles to the west, we would be dealing with catastrophic results across much of Florida.  Hopefully, everyone affected is rebuilding and will be back to normal in a short amount of time.  Luckily, hurricane season ends on November 30 so that should be it for a while.

 In case you have been living under a rock, there is a pretty big election coming up. I for one couldn’t be more sick and tired of reading all the posts on social media and hearing the television ads from all of the candidates.  This is one of the most polarizing elections I think there has ever been.  Most people are either totally for Trump or all in for Clinton.  Hopefully whoever wins the election can get the country united and deal with the real issues at hand. Nonetheless, I am fairly certain there are going to be some very unhappy people no matter what the outcome.  Another important issue which may affect our industry is Amendment 2. This is the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative.  If this amendment passes, medical marijuana can be prescribed by a licensed state physicians for individuals with specific debilitating diseases or comparable debilitating conditions.  There are six growers in Florida currently licensed to grow and distribute medical marijuana.  In order to be selected, these growers had to meet specific criteria set in place.  Recent changes made to the law provide for every 125,000 new patients, the Florida Department of Health can grant additional licenses. If the amendment passes, the Legislature is expected to adjust the existing law to account for the expanded list of illnesses and patients.

There are a couple events coming up in the next few months that I would like to mention.  Landscapers need to keep an eye out for FNGLA’s Education on the Go!!  This program is geared toward landscape professionals.  Attendees will be presented with key elements to business success in the landscape industry.  If that isn’t enough, middle managers will have the opportunity to learn best practices from the landscape maintenance industry.  The seminars will be held in Clearwater, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Jacksonville.  Help spread the word about this exciting and educational program.  For more information, please visit the FNGLA website.

Although we still have two months to go, preparations are well underway for The Tropical Plant and Industry Exhibition (TPIE).  I have personally attended this trade show for over 25 years.  This year will be especially important as my company, Getting Green, will be exhibiting for the first time.  As we look to expand our business, we can think of no better way than getting our products and services in front of the thousands of industry professional attendees who visit the TPIE show. Buyers from around the world convene in Ft. Lauderdale to see what’s available and what is happening in the industry.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending this show, do yourself a favor and get to it!  There are eye-popping booths and beautiful plants.  You will not be disappointed.

In case you missed a recent edition of Ben’s Bullets, we have  new member benefits available to members.  A prescription discount drug card is now available to members, employees and families.  You can save as much as 75% on generic and brand medications!  This card is free and no health insurance is required.  For more information and to print additional Florida Rx cards, visit the FNGLA site.

Without a doubt, fall is my favorite time of the year. I am looking forward to all of the festivities within this season.  Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and no matter for which football team you cheer, or which Presidential candidate you vote, this is the time for family and friends to come together.  Enjoy the delicious food and the quality time with each other.  I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

Robert Shoelson, FCLC
Getting Green Plant Service, Inc. (Davie) & 
Betrock Information Systems, Inc. (Hollywood)

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FNGLA’s Education on the Go!! Brings Lessons from Landscape Leaders

Using the lessons both acquired from decades of “Boots on the Ground” careers in the landscape industry, Ben Gandy and Ken Thomas have joined together to create Envisor Consulting with one goal in mind: to makes others in the landscape industry successful. In partnership with FNGLA and Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply, Gandy and Thomas will lead a series of winter workshops aimed at helping landscape professionals grow their businesses.

 Part of FNGLA’s Education on the Go!! series “Keys to Business Success” and “Account Manager Boot Camp” workshops will provide attendees with ways to build their business to the next level or strengthen their middle management team. Gandy offers a preview of what ground will be covered at the upcoming sessions:

Q. - How will you and fellow instructor Ken Thomas will divide up the teaching duties for these two sessions?

A. - Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy bring a team approach to Envisor’s presentations and workshops. In FNGLA’s Education on the Go!! Series, Ken will lead the conversations and ideas in the “Keys to Business Success” series with Ben providing support, commentary and workout sessions to keep the energy and engagement up. In the “Account Manager Boot Camp” series, Ben will lead the session while Ken supports.

Q. - How did each of your experiences in your own careers give you the wisdom you have now to draft these sessions?

A. - Ken and I built and sold multiple landscape companies including Scapes in Atlanta, one of the nation’s top 100 landscape firms. We’ve had the opportunity to work with and look under the hood of many of the nation’s leading landscape companies as part of the TrueGreen/LandCare roll up and as national consultants. We’ve seen the practices that work and those that don’t.

Q. - One part of the “Keys to Business Success” session involves learning how to peg personality profiles of others to communicate better with those people. What’s a personality profile? And how do people get them?

A. - A personality profile is a test or assessment that categorizes a person’s temperament, decision-making methods, communication style, and leadership style. There are many available. We will be using the DiSC profile which is available on-line at www.discprofile.com.

Q. - In the “Account Manager Boot Camp” session, there’s a lesson that calls for a “systematic approach” to onboarding new clients. Is there one reoccurring error that you see a lot of people in the industry doing in their own approaches with onboarding new clients?

A. - If a new client is not happy with their new landscape vendor within the first 30 days, the relationship is often irretrievable and the longevity of the client is statically about one-third of the life of a satisfied client.

Q. - Is there a “secret” to being successful in the landscape industry?

A. - There are no magic bullets, but hard work and smarts are not necessarily the most powerful ingredients. The key is to do the right things at the right times. We hope to share many of those “right things” at FNGLA’s Education on the Go!! series.

The “Keys to Success” workshop will take place in Clearwater on November 18 and in Ft. Lauderdale on January 17, while the “Account Manager Boot Camp” is slated for Orlando on December 9 and in Jacksonville on February 24. FNGLA members can attend their choice of a day-long session for $225. Nonmembers can attend for $255.  Lunch is included with program fees.

 For more information on the Education on the Go!! series, click here. For more FNGLA happenings, see the latest edition of our newsletter, Greenline here

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Upcoming CEU opportunities for November/December 2016

Looking for a few upcoming CEU opportunities? You came to the right place. Below are a handful of classes scheduled for November:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What: Landscape U – Diagnosing Problems with Palms

Info: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where: UF/IFAS Orange County Extension Education Center, 6021 South Conway Road

Orlando, FL 32812

Sign up for this class here.

What: Basic Tree Pruning (English)

Info: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where: UF/IFAS Broward County Extension Auditorium, 3245 College Ave.

Davie, FL 33314

For more information, view this event flier:

Thursday, November 17, 2016

What: New and Emerging Pathogens and Pests on Roses and Other Plants

Info: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where: UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center, 155 Research Rd

Quincy, FL 32351

Click here to sign up.

What: Citrus Nursery Workshop

Info: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where: UF/IFAS Citrus Research & Education Center, 700 Experiment Station Road

Lake Alfred, FL 33850

Click here to sign up.

What: New & Emerging Pests and Diseases

Info.: Good for GA/FL Pesticide and FNGLA CEUs

Where: University of Florida/IFAS NFREC

155 Research Rd.

Quincy, FL 32351

When: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Sign up here.

Also, for more information, check out the event flier here.

What: Tree Care Best Practices: Canopy Pruning & Managing Problem Roots

Info.: Good for ISA, LIAF & FNGLA CEUs

Where: West Regional Park - Pavilion 1

20200 Saddle Club Road, Weston, FL

When: 12-3 p.m.

For more information, see this event flier.

Friday, November 18, 2016

What: FNGLA Education on the Go - "Key's to Business Success"

Info: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where:  Ewing

2040 Range Rd.

Clearwater, FL

Fore more information, view this flier.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What: Advanced Tree Pruning (Spanish)

Info: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where: Markham Park, 16001 W State Rd 84

Sunrise, FL 33326

For more information, view this flyer.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What: FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) class

Info: CEU's can be earned for FNGLA

Where: UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale Research Center

3205 College Ave.

Davie, FL 33314-7799

When: Nov. 11 & 30 and Dec. 8 & 14, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Cost: $180

For more information, contact Carl Wallack at 954-802-0951 or carlwallack@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What: Basic Tree Pruning (Spanish)

Info: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where: UF/IFAS Broward County Extension Auditorium, 3245 College Ave.

Davie, FL 33314

For more information, view this flyer.

Friday, December 2, 2016

What: FNGLA Certified Landscape Technician (FCLT) exam judging

Info: 6 CEUs for FNGLA Certification for judging or volunteering

Where: UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale Research Center

3205 College Ave.

Davie, FL 33314-7799

When: 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

For more information, contact Merry Mott at 800-375-3642 or mmott@fngla.org

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What: Poinsettia Industry Short Course

Info.: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where: Environmental Horticulture Research Greenhouses, University of Florida campus

Gainesville, FL 32611

Click here to sign up.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

What: SW Parks Maintenance Workshop & Skills Challenge

Info.: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where: Twin Lakes Park, 6700 Clark Road

Sarasota, FL 34241

For more information, view this flyer

Friday, December 9, 2016

What: FNGLA Education on the Go - "Account Manager Boot Camp"

Info: This class is good for 4 CEUs

Where: Ewing

3333 Old Winter Garden Rd.

Orlando, FL

For more information, view this flyer.

Friday & Saturday, December 9-10, 2016

What: Arboriculture Triple Play

Info.: This class is good for 4 CEUs per day

Where: UF/IFAS Orange County Extension, 6021 South Conway Road

Orlando, FL 32812

For more information, view this flyer.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

What: FNGLA Certified Landscape Maintenance Technician (FCLMT) exam judging

Info: 6 CEUs for FNGLA Certification for judging or volunteering

Where: Ameriscape USA

9702 Harney Rd

Thonotosassa, FL  33592

When: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

For more information, contact Merry Mott at 800-375-3642 or mmott@fngla.org

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FNGLA's calendar of events for October/November 2016

See and submit more news here.

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SeaWorld Horticulture Hosts Central Florida FCLT Exam

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Two more Florida Water StarSM Training Dates Planned

Offering the chance for water conservation education, training/testing dates have been added for the Florida Water Star Accredited Professional (FWS-AP) certification at the following locations:


Training takes place 8:30 a.m., Oct. 26 at the Forestry Division’s training room, 408 W. University Ave., Suite 106. Those who attend the training course are invited to take the test from 1-5 p.m., October 27, at Alachua County Environmental Protection Department.

To sign up, click here.

Those who earn the FWS-AP designation qualify for self-inspection under Alachua County’s new Landscape Irrigation Design and Maintenance Standards ordinance.


Citrus County welcomes FWS on November 1 & 2 with training taking place 8:30 a.m., November 1 at the UF-IFAS Citrus County Extension, 3650 West Sovereign Path #1, and testing taking place from 8:30 a.m. to noon, November 2.

To sign up, click here.


Join the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), the UF/IFAS Miami-Dade Co. Extension and FNGLA for this January 10, 2017 training and testing program for water conservation education. Training is January 10 beginning at 8:30 a.m. with the optional exam taking place January 11 at 8:30 a.m., both at 18710 SW 288 St in Homestead.

To sign up, click here.  

Florida Water StarSM focuses on Florida-friendly landscape alternatives and irrigation requirements that may have a major impact on water usage. It also provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to FNGLA Certified Professionals, licensed irrigation professionals and Registered Landscape Architects.

The St. John’s River Water Management District has contracted with FNGLA to administer the Florida Water StarSM Accredited Professional exams in irrigation and landscape. Nearly 250 professionals have earned one or both of these designations since testing began in 2010.

For more information, see FNGLA’s certifications Facebook page or contact Merry Mott at FNGLA, mmott@fngla.org, or call 800-375-3642.

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UF/IFAS Hops Research Nationally Honored

Hops research by University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers is gaining national scientific recognition in addition to media attention.

 Three UF/IFAS scientists are not only trying to see if hops will grow in Florida’s hot, humid climate, but they also want to know whether they can quench the thirst of the fast-growing micro-brewing industry.

 Brian Pearson, a UF/IFAS assistant professor of environmental horticulture, is one of three members of the hops research team. Pearson’s research to date won him third place in the Early Career Award for scientists at the American Society of Horticultural Sciences (ASHS) in early August. The Early Career Competition is for new faculty and professionals to share their discoveries to a peer audience.

 "This is just the beginning of our alternative and specialty crop research," said Pearson, a faculty member at the UF/IFAS Mid-Florida Research and Education Center in Apopka, Florida. "Working with hops, fennel, safflower and skullcap, we hope to bring an array of viable, high-value alternative crops to Florida growers."

 Also taking honors among UF/IFAS faculty and students in environmental horticulture were: Professor Kim Moore, a faculty member at the UF/IFAS Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center; Professor Gary Knox, a faculty member at the UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center; Associate professor Mack Thetford, a faculty member at the UF/IFAS West Florida Research and Education Center; Krisha Bhattarai, a doctoral student working under the supervision of professor Zhanao Deng at the UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center; and, Pearson’s master’s student, Richard Smith, won third place among graduate students in the oral competition for his presentation on hops research.

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Garden Media Group Releases 2017 Trend Report: 8 Trends Inspire Clean Gardening 365 Days-a-YearThe backyard and kitchen counter have a lot in common this year; they’re both ideal places to grow.

New changes in indoor gardening technology combined with an ever increasing demand for clean food means it’s easier than ever to garden 365 days-a-year.  

Garden Media Group’s annual Garden Trends Report for 2017, Grow 365, introduces eight industry trends that inspire gardening year-round. It reflects consumers’ increasing desire to access healthy food, fresh air and clean medicine no matter the season. 

The 2017 report mirrors what modern technology has known for years: Mother Nature doesn’t have jurisdiction indoors. 

“Gone are the days where we have to limit our growing options based on our climate, soil conditions, water or space,” said Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media. “New technology turns any kitchen counter or almost any indoor space into a vegetable garden. Clean, healthy and delicious food is now at our fingertips all year long.”  

The report emphasizes the clean food movement and how it is redefining indoor gardening for the modern age. Millennials, especially demand to know where food comes from and what’s in it, so more people are growing their own groceries than ever before. 

“The stigma once placed on hydroponics is long over,” she explains. “The demand for clean food, the surge in canna-businesses and the concerns about the environment are just a few reasons why growing 365 days-a-year is booming.” 

The Grow 365 report also notes the elevated consumer interest in both indoor and outdoor growing is creating a love of flowers and plants, and, as a result, more interest in horticulture not only as a hobby but as a career. 

The complete 2017 Garden Trends Report: Grow 365 is available for free download now: http://grow.gardenmediagroup.com/2017-garden-trends-report.

Read Garden Media’s GROW! blog for weekly trend updates and industry news: http://grow.gardenmediagroup.com.

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October is “Farm-to-School” Month 
October is National Farm to School Month and the 2016 theme, One Small Step, highlights the simple ways one can take small steps to get informed, get involved and take action to advance farm to school in their own communities and across the country. 

During October, the One Small Step program features weekly themes to advance its mission: Education (October 3-7); Healthy School Meals (October 10-14); Farmers + Producers (October 17-21); The Next Generation (October 24-28).  Learn more at: http://www.farmtoschool.org.

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Florida and Mosquitoes: Putting Things Back into PerspectiveLet’s put things into perspective: With Zika as the latest mosquito-borne virus to hit Florida, bromeliads in South Florida are getting an unfair rap because they hold small quantities of water. Over-the-top press are fanning flames of unneeded hysteria over the small quantity of water collected in bromeliads. Let’s face it, as a subtropical state, Florida has lots of mosquitoes. With mosquitoes come lots of health risks such as dengue, chikungunya, encephalitis, West Nile and, now, Zika viruses. Of course, public health is absolutely paramount. Yet, it is unreasonable to expect homeowners to eliminate standing water by taking hammers to their birdbaths; emptying their swimming pools; or, dismantling the gutters on their homes. Local officials are not going around filling in potholes and ditches. And, unless the canals, ponds, lakes and the Everglades itself are drained, Florida will always have water. So, it’s a logical assumption: As long as Florida has water, Florida will have mosquitoes. 
Compared to these scenarios, bromeliads are a vastly smaller concern. It is unreasonable for these iconic bromeliads to be ripped from beautiful and functioning Florida gardens and landscapes. If people wish to eliminate mosquitoes from their yards, one of the simplest things they can do is manage their yards, gardens and landscapes by flicking the water collected in all containers and plants. FNGLA is working with Miami-Dade County, UF-IFAS Extension, Florida Department of Agriculture and Miami-Dade Farm Bureau and FNGLA Chapter to develop and make widely available a consumer fact sheet based on common sense, science and research. Rather than overreacting by removing or stop buying these popular colorful and drought tolerant plants, consumers and public officials will be informed they have opportunities to use simple precautions. 

Final touches are also being made on a “Florida Nurseries Flip Before We Ship” campaign so buyers can be confident growers are shipping plants without standing water. Buyers also need to understand there is no Zika in Florida’s bromeliad production areas. Besides, bromeliads shipped out-of-state are used primarily as indoor foliage plants, so mosquitoes are of no concern. FNGLA has been working with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services which has now released an official statement underscoring how Florida nursery growers promote safe handling and shipping of plants to prevent the spread of mosquitoes.  Access the FDACS statement here.

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Communication is Key in Moving Science from Lab to Lips

By Jack Payne, University of Florida senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources and leader of IFAS, jackpayne@ufl.edu | @JackPayneIFAS

While the public has embraced the latest technological advances putting ever more sophisticated smartphones into your hands, agricultural scientists feel there hasn’t been the same openness to technology to improve what’s on your plate or in your yard.

Kevin Folta, according to one of his colleagues, has done as much as anyone in the past decade to help the public understand the biotechnology behind its food and plants.

His work in getting the public excited about science has been compared to that of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and Carl Sagan.

Folta chairs the UF/IFAS Department of Horticultural Sciences and does pathbreaking research on the use of light to manipulate the color, flavor, and nutrient content of fresh produce. He also crisscrosses the country to explain the evidence-based risks and benefits of agricultural biotechnology.

Few scientists do this as effectively as Folta. That’s why the Iowa-based Council of Agricultural Science and Technology is recognizing him with its Borlaug CAST Communication Award in October during a side event at the World Food Prize gathering.

It’s also why he’s been attacked relentlessly, from obscenity-laced social media messages to death threats.

Folta wants to help people conquer their fears. Because we live in an age of so much information, we also live in an age of misinformation. Oftentimes, I find the very point of misinformation is to induce fear.

Activists and celebrities have wide audiences for their messages biotechnology is a threat to healthy food – messages that are not backed by evidence.

Relying on misinformation can lead to unhealthy choices, food shortages, and a drag on efforts to put a stop to 3.1 million children a year worldwide dying of malnutrition.

Folta wants to replace fear with fact. He’ll do this almost anywhere he can, from elementary schools to retirement homes. He has a highly rated science podcast on iTunes. He Tweets out science. He blogs it. He meets people where they are.

He does this because getting science out of the lab and to the people who can benefit from it is as important to him as discovery itself.

Fear is among the most powerful things of emotions. It’s up to scientists to help remove one of its leading causes – the unknown.

We don’t have enough scientists yet who have conquered their own fears of being targeted because they bring people the science to help conquer theirs.

It’s the hope of CAST, of Folta, and of me that the recognition he’s getting in Iowa this month will inspire more scientists to talk more to the public and not just to their peers.

Jack Payne is the University of Florida’s senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources and leader of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

More detail on Kevin Folta: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Folta#Research

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Great Reasons to Exhibit at TPIE 2017 TPIE is the place where interior design and plant design connect and where the industry looks to discover new products and technologies which can lead to enhancing their business. It’s also a venue for energizing creativity and an opportunity to meet new people, see new business opportunities and old connections with a new perspective. If you’re not exhibiting, here are a few great reasons to be a part of TPIE:

1. Gather qualified leads for post-exhibition company follow-up.

2. Introduce new products or services to market: Showcase your new products on the show floor at the Exhibitor Showcase.

3. Give your customers the opportunity to meet the expert: you!

4. Connect face-to-face with buyers not easily accessible to your sales force. Over 10% of TPIE buyers travel from out of the country. TPIE brings these buyers to you.

5. Take advantage of advertising and sponsorship opportunities to enhance your presence outside of your booth.

6. Network with industry professionals and colleagues.

7. Open doors for future sales calls.

8. Directly influence top decision makers: 84% of TPIE buyers are direct influencers or final decision makers for purchases.

9. Reach dealers, reps and distributors and further develop these relationships.

10. Reinforce your company brand.

For more information on TPIE, click here

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FNGLA Launches New Series: Education On the Go!

Coming to industry members this Fall, FNGLA has partnered with Envisor’s team to offer a series of business-oriented workshops for landscape professionals who want to grow, prosper and succeed. Two workshops are offered, each with two different dates and locations: Keys to Business Success and Account Manager Boot Camp. Whether landscape professionals are looking to build their business to the next level or strengthen their middle management team, these programs will show them how.

Gain a greater understanding of how to business life cycles work. Find ways to foster stronger communication and develop lean application strategies. It’s time to engage in a systematic approach to top-notch customer service.

Upcoming workshops:

Keys to Business Success

November 18 | Clearwater, FL

January 17 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

This workshop led by Gandy.

Account Manager Boot Camp

December 9 | Orlando, FL

February 24 | Jacksonville, FL

This workshop led by Thomas.

Meet the Workshop Instructors: Envisor Consulting – www.envirorco.com:

Ben Gandy

Ben has developed operating systems and implemented key strategies that have propelled several businesses to profitability, market leadership, and successful transitions including Scapes Landscape, one of the top 100 companies in the US. Ben’s lean production expertise is unparalleled, having spent several years working with the nation’s largest landscape provider deploying their lean initiatives on a national level. He has been to virtually every landscape market in the US implementing lean on a cultural and practical level. A long time PLANET member, Ben has a down to earth, practical approach. He is committed to simple solutions that drive results. With a passion for operations; systems based management strategies and lean thinking, Ben is positioned to guide others in pursuit of their vision.

Ken Thomas

Ken started his first business fresh out of college with $1,000 and a pickup truck. From there, he grew to $5 million before selling to LandCare in 1998. Ken is also the former owner and managing partner of award winning Scapes Landscape, which was one of the top 100 landscape companies in America. Scapes was acquired by ValleyCrest in 2008. Ken spent 2 years in leadership at ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance as Sales Leader for the southeast region. During his 30 year career, Envisor founder Ken has owned three of Atlanta’s most successful landscape companies. An astute businessman who’s not afraid to dig in the dirt, Ken knows the secrets and systems of thriving landscape operations. A long-standing member of PLANET/ALCA and past president of the Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association, Ken is a true visionary with a down to earth approach.

For more information about the program and registration, click here, or contact Linda Reindl, lreindl@fngla.org.

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The Landscape Show/SHARE Golf Tournament Tops Fundraising Goal

  With 100 golfers registered and an elevated level of sponsor support, The Landscape Show/SHARE 2016 Golf Tournament brought in more than $13,000 to support FNGLA’s Endowed Research Fund at SHARE/UF. The FNGLA Golf Fundraising Committee had set an ambitious goal of $10,000 to raise this year, and with the committee’s extra effort and enthusiasm in getting new sponsors and players, they were able to well exceed their goal.

The annual tournament took place Wednesday, September 14 at Celebration Golf Course, held in conjunction with The Landscape Show. The new location was well received by the golfers, many of whom found it more challenging than the average golf course, and also more fun.

Trophies were given to first, second and third place winners:

First: Eric Kellough, Doug Barber, Steve Edwards and Brad Carter

Second: the AG3 team, led by Mike Rinck and Tyler Donn

Third: Richard Courville, Scott Lowdell, Jerry Pioneer and Cameron Pioneer

Special recognition was given to the new Champion-level Sponsor SiteOne Landscape Supply, Lunch Sponsor, Syngenta and Breakfast Sponsor, FIS Outdoor. These three new levels of sponsorship were important to the success of the fundraising.

The Golf Tournament Committee worked hard not only to increase the financial success of the tournament, but to add more contests, prizes and give-a-ways. Committee members included Chairman Matt Antos, LPL Financial; Peter Goodwin, ILC Specialty Fertilizers; Jason Platzer, BWI; Ed Bravo, Big Tree Plantation; Will Womak, Tampa Bay Landscaping and, Dennis Mahr, Ted Mahr Supply.

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Another 2016 Success: The Landscape Show!Lush, towering palms canopied the ceiling while nature’s vibrant hues adorned the aisles at the Orange County Convention Center for The Landscape Show 2016. The three-day event drew more than 7,000 industry professionals from across 38 U.S. states and 16 countries. More than 400 vendors were spread across the convention center space this year in over 800 booth spaces. 

“It was a great show,” said Pete Dunnington, Chairman of the 2016 Landscape show. ““Business seems to be picking up, and the attitude on the floor was very positive. It’s one of the better shows we’ve had in quite a few years since the recession,” Dunnington added.

Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Steve Crisafulli was a special guest at the event on opening day.  He spoke with industry members as he made his way around the show floor.

As an accent to this year’s theme Where Business Makes Sense was a Trend Stage Sensory Garden. The garden featured plants and products which engaged the five senses. 

The Trends Stage also served as the backdrop for various awards presentations and events including the “Cool Products” presentation where a team of industry buyers selected 15 unique products from exhibits at the show considered especially business-worthy. 
Also taking place at the Trends Stage were the Fresh From Florida Yard-To-Table Chef’s presentations. 

“The Chef’s presentations put the sensory theme of the show in action, offering a chance to use almost all the senses, especially taste,” said Linda Adams, FNGLA’s Chief Operating Officer. “With edible landscaping still a big trend, the chefs provided several creative food offerings using herbs and foods from the landscape. Attendees enjoyed samples of pickled vegetables, nutty pesto, flavored salts and tangy drinks as a few inspiring yard-to-table ideas.”

FNGLA also recognized The 2016 Landscape Show Awards winners at the event. FNGLA’s Landscape Awards program recognizes exceptional landscape projects designed and installed by industry members. The prestigious Roy Rood Award winner was Groundtek of Ocoee (landscape contractor), and Larry M. Smith of Maitland (landscape designer), for their maintenance of the Orange County Convention Center Maintenance. The FNGLA Floriculture Award went to Nanak’s Landscaping, Inc. of Deerfield Beach (landscape contractor), and Lifescapes International of Newport Beach, CA (landscape architect) for their project at the Margaritaville Hotel & Resort. This project was judged to show the most effective use of plant material, creating color and texture in the landscape. 

Adding a level of excitement on the show floor were this year’s booth award winners. Included was one award for Most Unusual Plant Specimen, which went to Sunscape Landscape Nursery, Inc. for Dracaena draco. The Best of Show award went to Excelsa Gardens.

Aside from all the activity on the show floor, attendees had the chance to mingle and network during several Ideas & Sharing Sessions, and at the Opening Night reception, sponsored by TreeTown USA. Catering to the under 40 crowd, the Tapped In networking reception also drew dozens of young industry professionals who shared a chat and a cocktail at The Rosen Plaza.

The Knowledge College, the show’s primary education element, saw 475 industry professionals attending one or more of the 18 specialty workshops. Attendees were provided both classroom and hands-on training. From learning how to increase sales through their landscape designs; how to implement innovative design techniques with landscape lighting and LED usage; to a new plants session to create successful pollinator gardens, attendees were able to take practical tools back to their business and easily implement new ideas into their business strategies.  

Special thanks to all of the 2016 presenters and participating companies. Along with our sponsors, Disney’s Horticulture team, SeaWorld, Florida Coast Equipment and Ameriscapes Landscape Management Services provided time and resources to make the 2016 Knowledge College a very successful event.

FNGLA also put on a career showcase, which attracted almost 300 students from across the state. “As part of FNGLA’s initiative, the mission is to welcome incoming members of the workforce, and provide some mentoring to help make our industry successful for generations to come,” said Merry Mott, FNGLA’s Director of Certifications. 

Also taking place at the show was the FNGLA Certifications Showcase, hosted by Certification Committee Chair Gary Weitermann, FCLMT of SeaWorld Horticulture. The Certifications Showcase included information on the five professional certifications the Association offers. 

“We highlighted the opportunity for attendees to test their skills in Plant Identification, Job Evaluation, Irrigation Parts Identification, Plan Layout and Grading & Drainage,” Mott said. “They each represented actual exam sections of a variety of FNGLA’s certification exam offerings.” Part of the certification showcase were also representatives of three state water management districts who highlighted the Florida Water Star Accredited Professional certification.

Teeing off prior to the Show kick-off was the annual golf tournament, held on Wednesday, September 14. That event drew 100 golfers, and raised around $13,000 for the FNGLA endowed research fund at SHARE, a program that supports agricultural research and education through the University of Florida. 

Next year’s Landscape Show will take place September 14-16 at the Orange County Convention Center’s North building. The anticipation has already begun, according to Dunnington. “People are already talking about what to expect from next year’s show.”
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100 MPH: From Many Industry Happenings & Events to The Landscape ShowQuite a bit of activity has happened since my last article.  There has been a hurricane, a FNGLA Chapter installation dinner, another Chapter meeting, industry issues with mosquitoes and most importantly, a fantastic tradeshow in Orlando in case you weren’t aware.  It always seems this is the time of the year when everything starts moving one hundred miles per hour.  I am enjoying my travels around the state visiting different FNGLA Chapters and events.   I seem to work better when there is more on my plate than not. 

In my last article, I mentioned hurricane season was upon us and we had been lucky for the past several years.  Not more than a week after writing that, Hurricane Hermine took some crazy turns and decided to make a trip through North Florida.  I spoke with several growers from the area hit and it seems they did get very lucky.  Except for a few downed trees, the storm spared us for what could have been much more serious damage.  Hopefully, industry members took Hermine as a practice drill and have prepared their properties because now we face Hurricane Matthew and we might not be as lucky this go-around.

Earlier in the month, I had the pleasure of attending the FNGLA Palm Beach Chapter’s installation dinner.  President Brandon Balch did a nice job hosting the event staged in conjunction with the Chapter’s golf fundraiser.  It was a packed house and everyone seemed to have a fun time.  I am curious as to where they come up with all the great raffle items.  I was fortunate to walk away with two gift certificates to Home Depot.  Congratulations to the new officers and board members in FNGLA’s Palm Beach Chapter.  

My next trip was up to FNGLA’s Treasure Coast Chapter hosted at Calusa Creek Tree Farm for its monthly meeting.  UF/IFAS Dr. Tom Yeager was on hand to discuss best management practices.  I am a firm believer in the BMP program and I actually had a hand in helping rewrite the manual several years ago.  Our industry has really stepped up to the plate in helping to conserve and protect Florida’s most valuable natural resource - water.  Without a doubt, water is one of the biggest issues facing our industry and every nursery should be doing its part to help.  By signing up for the BMPs, you are doing your part as well.  There may even be some cost share money available as well.   I wish to thank Deb Joneck and Cindy Hall for inviting me to participate in this informative meeting.  I also wish to thank Dr. Yeager for all he has done for the BMP program and our industry.

In case you haven’t noticed, a problem in Miami has come up related to mosquitos and the Zika virus.  Unfortunately, several local officials have placed blame on bromeliads because they hold small quantities of water.  After doing some research myself, it seems the claim is unfounded and unfair.  There are two species of Wyeomyia mosquitos which will lay eggs in bromeliads, but these are not necessarily the type of mosquitoes which carry the Zika virus.  There is no research showing the Aedes aegypti mosquito (which is the most common species spreading Zika) breed and live inside bromeliads.  It is very unfortunate this kind of ‘knee jerk’ reaction to this public health issue unsupported by scientific research has already put fear in the public eye.  Several landscape contractors have told me they have cancelled orders and have ripped out bromeliads on existing landscapes.  Hopefully, with the right information putting things into the proper perspective, people will realize removing bromeliads or not planting them in the first place is not the answer.  FNGLA is working with the Department of Agriculture as well as the University of Florida (IFAS) to get the right information out to the public.  The fact is we live in Florida and everywhere you turn you will run into water.  

Last, yet certainly not least, my month’s activities wrapped up with The Landscape Show.  A big hat’s off to the Landscape Show Committee and the FNGLA staff for putting on a fantastic show. The seminars were packed and the exhibit halls were loaded with attendees.  It was great catching up with all the folks I haven’t seen since last year.  Pretty much everyone with whom I spoke was positive and optimistic regarding business. There seems to be quite a bit of work coming through the pipeline.  Product is still more on the scarce side, yet that should start to catch back up in the next year or two.  

I had the privilege of walking the show with Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli.  He is a powerful ally for FNGLA and our industry, as well personable and friendly.  Hopefully, he will decide to run for Commissioner of Agriculture in 2018.  Congratulations to the winners of the booth awards.  There were some spectacular booths this year. I also wish to congratulate the winners of the prestigious FNGLA Landscape Awards.  There were some really beautiful projects submitted.  The award recipients took center stage at the show to accept their accolades to the delight of a nice crowd. Remember to submit your projects for consideration in next year’s show.  Until next month, here’s to cooler weather and a busy and safe fall.

Robert Shoelson, FCLC
Getting Green Plant Service, Inc. (Davie) & 
Betrock Information Systems, Inc. (Hollywood)

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Bracing for the storm: Links to federal disaster relief programsAs we continue to hope for the best - but prepare for the worst, here are some helpful disaster assistance links to federal programs in the event you incur crop loss or structural damage:

Farm Service Agency (FSA)
FSA Emergency Conservation Program
FSA Noninsured Crop Disaster Program
FSA Tree Assistance Program
Small Business Administration Disaster Programs

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Florida Water Star Begins Fall Training Season

  The Florida Water StarSM Accredited Professional (FWS-AP) training and testing schedule kicks off in October.

Join the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) and FNGLA in this statewide training and testing program for water conservation education focusing on Florida-friendly landscape alternatives and irrigation requirements that may have a major impact on water usage.

Florida Water Star returns to Gainesville October 26 & 27. Those who earn the FWS-AP designation qualify for self-inspection under Alachua County’s new Landscape Irrigation Design and Maintenance Standards ordinance. To sign up for the Gainesville class, click here

Citrus County welcomes Florida Water Star November 1 & 2, bringing water conservation education to area professionals – and providing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to FNGLA Certified Professionals and licensed irrigation professionals and Registered Landscape Architects.To sign up for the class/test in Citrus County, click here.

Participants who complete the training can choose to sit for the exam to earn their Accredited Professional designation. SJRWMD has contracted with FNGLA to administer the FWS Accredited Professional exams in irrigation and landscape. Nearly 250 professionals have earned one or both of these designations since testing began in 2010. For more information, see FNGLA’s certifications Facebook page or contact Merry Mott at FNGLA at 800-375-3642.

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FNGLA Endowed Research Fulfilment: Leaching Fraction Research Study Results Released

The leaching fraction (LF) test is a valuable tool for monitoring the effectiveness of an irrigation program, and when performed routinely, can be used to schedule irrigation efficiently. This is the core finding of Drs. Tom Yeager and Jeff Million, both members of the UF/IFAS Department of Environmental Horticulture.

Cherry Lake Tree Farm (Groveland, FL) and Hibernia Nursery (Webster, FL) implemented the LF test for selected crops. For crops where LF testing was used, water use decreased while maintaining similar plant growth as plants irrigated with the nurseries’ traditional irrigation practices. The research and testing provides nurseries with a defensible justification for the amount of irrigation applied. This will be very important in the future as water resources are subjected to restrictions due to population increases. Additional observed benefits of improved irrigation efficiency include reduced fertilizer nutrient loss and reduced incidence of plant disease.

Read the six-page research findings for details on conducting an LF test in your nursery here

You can also contact the study researchers at yeagert@ufl.edu or jmillion@ufl.edu. This study was funded by the FNGLA Endowed Research Fund.

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FNGLA Sponsors Indoor Plants Awards Contest to honor the grassroots efforts of local businessesDo you marvel at the savory spathe that line the counter top of your morning coffee spot? Or have you appreciated, lately, the ambiance a few floor plants have contributed to the waiting room at your doctor’s office? Nominate them for a Florida Gardeners Interior Plant Award.

Florida Gardening, a gardening informational, and inspirational website, is a consumer effort from the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association.

In honor of National Indoor Plant Week (yes, that’s a thing), the initiative seeks to recognize the grassroots efforts of Florida-based business owners who beautify their interiors with plants. Anyone can submit a nomination.

To nominate a business: Just snap a pic of the business’s plantscape you love and enter it here.Be sure to also include the name of the business.

Winners will be selected by a jury of professionals in the plant industry, and the top entry will earn both the submitter and the nominee a pair of tickets to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The deadline for entries is October 28, 2016.

More than one winning location is expected/awarded on merit of the location.  Winners will be announced on FNGLA's website, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and notified independently.




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FNGLA Monitors Workers’ Comp Rate Changes

 When the Florida Supreme Court recently ruled a cap on attorney’s fees was unconstitutional, we fastened our seat belts because we just knew workers’ compensation insurance rates would rise. We found out just how much, and it is not pretty. The National Council on Compensation Insurance, which submits the rate proposals, calls for a 17.1% spike in premiums. Not only does NCCI call for the hike to be effective as of August 1, the group also proposes it be retroactive on a pro-rata basis to all existing policies through the remainder of their current terms. Fortunately, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation must still decide whether to approve the proposed hike, or adopt a different rate change. It is expected OIR will hold a hearing next month. The Associated Industries of Florida is already assessing possible remedies and FNGLA is working with AIF.

On the heels of this decision, the Florida Supreme Court then ruled a second provision of Florida’s workers’ compensation system as unconstitutional. This case centered on workers’ compensation benefits being cut-off after two years which, in the eyes of the Supreme Court, created an unconstitutional coverage gap. This high court decision adds fuel to a legislative debate about how to change the workers-compensation system to ensure workers are properly covered without burdening businesses with spiraling rates. Where that seemingly elusive balance rests will be the focus of much legislative and regulatory wrangling.

As soon as the Florida Supreme Court invalidated the second workers’ comp law (a 104-week cap on temporary total disability benefits), FNGLA expected an even higher rate increase would be filed. Sure enough, an amended request was filed on July 1. The National Council on Compensation Insurance filed a 19.6% rate increase request with the Florida Office of insurance Regulation (OIR). The proposed effective date of the increase to existing and new policies is October 1, 2016. OIR will schedule a public rate hearing to consider the requested increase and then issue its final rates ruling. Meanwhile, legislative remedies in Tallahassee are being assessed. Stay tuned.

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2016 FNGLA Action Chapter Batson Award Winner: Ty Strode, Agri-Starts

Sponsored by Farm Credit of Cental Florida, the Gene A. Batson Award was established in 1995 by the FNGLA Action Chapter Board of Directors and is considered the chapter’s highest honor.

 Winners are selected based upon their leadership and service to FNGLA & the Action Chapter. The 2016 award was presented to Ty Strode, Agri-Starts, Inc. (Apopka).

 Following in his father’s footsteps, Ty is an FNGLA-advocate and has shown leadership on the chapter level as well as within state FNGLA happenings. He has served as the TPIE (Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition) chairman and currently serves on the state-level Board of Directors.

Farm Credit of Central Florida is a member-owned cooperative serving 13 Central Florida counties including, Polk, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Sumter, Lake, Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Volusia and Brevard. Part of the nationwide Farm Credit System established in 1916, Farm Credit of Central Florida provides loans, leases and crop insurance to over 1,000 farmers, ranchers, growers and rural homeowners.

Young Professionals Tap Into Fun at The Landscape ShowJoin the industry’s emerging professionals at Tapped In, the perfect spot to make connections with others who are making an early mark in the nursery and landscape industry. Here’s a chance to build your network, share ideas and enjoy a drink and appetizers.

Now in its 4th year, the evening event kicks off Friday night’s happenings on September 16 at 5:30 p.m., just after show hours at Club 39, Rosen Plaza Hotel. At least $500 worth of prizes to be given away thanks to SiteOne Landscape Supply. Arborjet will also give away an autographed Cal Ripkin baseball to one lucky young professional attendee.

While others are back in their rooms "tapped out," you can be Tapped In at THE place to connect with the 40 & under crowd while at The Landscape Show! Mark yourself as going to this event here.  Special thanks to the many Tapped In sponsors. 

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Where Business Makes Sense: The Landscape Show!Whether it’s the springy feel of a shaggy tuft of moss, or the crisp aroma of ripe citrus, it’s all about the senses this year as more than 7,000 nursery and landscape professionals will soon head to Orlando to exhibit their freshest trees, plants and equipment at the FNGLA’s Landscape Show 2016. The theme this year is, "Where Business Makes Sense."

Attendees can also expect to get the inside track on real-time plant availability, view yard-to-table cooking demonstrations, and connect with industry insiders from more than 400 exhibiting companies in over 800 booth spaces during the three-day event which kicks off September 15 in the West Building of the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando.

"The Landscape Show is where our community gathers to not only stay in touch with important aspects of business, but also to stay in touch with the people who have become more like friends and family over the years," said Linda Adams, FNGLA’s chief operating officer.

At the center of the show will be the Trends Stage, home to many of The Landscape Show’s signature events. The stage touts a Sensory Garden which features plants, trends and ideas to engage the five senses.

"This a place for people to not only learn, but also to be inspired," said Adams of the sensory garden.

The sensory garden will also serve as the backdrop for several planned "Ideas Sharing Sessions" where attendees can collaborate with others in the industry on topics including hops production and brewing tips, edibles, children’s gardens, and art and wellness gardening.

"The Ideas-Sharing Sessions are an informal time and place to come together to talk about something in which people have a joint interest," said Adams of the sessions.

Taking place on the Trends Stage will be daily Fresh From Florida Yard-To-Table Chef’s presentations, with each chef offering new ideas and combinations of herbs and edibles straight from the landscape. Presentations take place at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Thursday and Friday and at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Also taking place on the Trends Stage, FNGLA will present its annual Landscape Awards winners on Friday at 3 p.m., including announcement of the winner of the prestigious Roy Rood Award. FNGLA’s Landscape Awards program recognizes exceptional landscape projects designed and installed by industry members, and has been in place since the 1970’s.

The Trends Stage is also home to the "Cool Products" presentation. A team of industry buyers select 15 unique products from exhibits at the show which they consider especially businessworthy. The winning items will be presented on Friday at 1 p.m. at the Trends Stage by Danny Summers, president of The Garden Center Group.

Beyond the Trends Stage are numerous learning opportunities through FNGLA’s Knowledge College, with 18 workshops offered over the course of the three-day show. FNGLA CEUs are available by attending these programs, with additional industry CEUs available for selected sessions.

The FNGLA Certification Showcase will showcase mock testing stations from FNGLA’s landscape certification exam, including a plant identification station for people to test their plant ID skills. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to give guidance and preparations tips related to the FNGLA’s various certification exams.

The Rosen Plaza is this year’s headquarters hotel, and will host both the show’s Opening Night cocktail reception (courtesy of TreeTown USA); and Tapped In, a networking reception for the young professional crowd. Both events are free for attendees.

Those planning to be in town a day early for the show have the chance to compete in a golf tournament to benefit the FNGLA endowed research fund, SHARE/UF, a program that supports agricultural research and education through the University of Florida.

The cost to attend the Landscape Show is $30 and tickets can be purchased here.

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Overcoming Our Plant Shortage: Look to The Landscape Show and BeyondFall is here, yet you wouldn’t know it from the temperature. It still feels like it is the middle of June outside. Aside from the heat, this is my absolute favorite time of the year.  Preparations for the holidays begin, football season starts, and business starts to ramp up.  Along with all the good comes a little bad.  This is around the peak of hurricane season and by the looks of the activity so far, we may need to keep our fingers crossed and hope lady luck stays on our side.  We have been very lucky over the past few years avoiding hurricanes and hopefully that trend continues for a few more.  Another exciting event that goes hand in hand with Fall is The Landscape Show. 

This year’s show will be held September 15-17 in Orlando.  This year the show moves back to the original hall across the street from last year’s show.  From what I hear, there are going to be quite a few new exhibitors this year.  I mentioned in my article last month, one of the issues facing our industry right now is the lack of plant material. More specifically, trees and palms. Shrub production seems to be caught up to the demand, maybe having to sometimes sacrifice a little height on the specs.  I have been brokering plant material for over 20 years and this is the worst I have seen it in all that time.  There are several factors which I believe have contributed to this shortage.  The Great Recession most importantly… while business was slow, growers were potting up and planting fewer trees and palms. The number of growers has also declined over the past few years. It was discussed at the FNGLA Growers’ Leaders meeting last month that an estimated 10% - 15% of growers have closed their businesses.  It was also noted that not too many new nurseries, especially tree farms have opened during this same period.  The last reason for the shortage is the increase in new construction and renovations that have started since the economy bounced back.  It is harder than ever to locate quality trees and palms that meet the minimum specifications that many cities require. 

One positive from this shortage of material is the increase in the prices of trees and palms.  While this is great news for growers, it is not so for landscape contractors.  I get a lot of calls from customers stating they have bids they need to honor from a year out. Having to honor those prices poses challenges that are sometimes impossible to overcome.  Trying to find quality material at bottom-line pricing is almost impossible.  Finding new sources and new suppliers is now vital for a landscape contractor’s survival.
The best place to find these vendors is at The Landscape Show.  Nowhere else can you find the largest number of growers and suppliers under one roof. 

Every year, my staff and I get the opportunity to network with many of the vendors and customers that we deal with on a day to day basis.  Every aisle of the show is packed with beautiful material from liners to specimen trees.  With close to 450 exhibitors and nearly 5 acres of trees, palms, shrubs and equipment, this is one event during the year any landscape contractor cannot afford to miss.   I have attended The Landscape Show for about 25 years and I understand the value and importance of taking the time that we do to exhibit and attend this fantastic show.

If those reasons weren’t enough to get you to the show, The Landscape Show also offers up The Knowledge College.  Come learn from industry professionals who share their expertise and knowledge on a wide variety of topics.  With 18 sessions to choose from, this is an affordable way to learn about the specific topics and trends affecting your business.  Did I mention you also get CEUs?  The Knowledge College is not the only place to find exciting learning opportunities, check out the Trends Stage Garden Sessions to see what hot topics are being discussed. 

Are you looking to get certified? Stop by The Certification Showcase and try your hand at one of the stations. From plant ID to Grading and Drainage, you can get all the information you need to become an FNGLA certified landscape professional.

Speaking of certification, every Fall the Broward Chapter holds a review and test for the FNGLA Certified Landscape Technician exam. This year the review was held on September 2 and the test will take place on October 7.  The exam is held at the IFAS center in Davie, FL.  We have about 17 applicants signed up for the exam so far.  We would not be able to host this event without the cooperation of the IFAS center and more specifically Dr. Kimberly Moore. Dr. Moore lends her time and her staff twice a year which makes it possible to put on a successful event. I also want to thank all the judges who volunteer their time each year. These exams and certifications would not be possible to put on without the help and time these people offer.

I look forward to seeing everyone at The Landscape Show as well as the various chapter events I will be attending in the upcoming weeks!

Robert Shoelson, FCLC
Getting Green Plant Service, Inc. (Davie) &
Betrock Information Systems, Inc. (Hollywood)

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Knowledge College Offers 18 Opportunities to Expand Your Industry KnowledgeIn a place "Where Business Makes Sense", it makes "sense" to choose one or more of the 18 different workshops offered at The Knowledge College, The Landscape Show’s educational sessions. From classroom to classroom, mixed with practical demonstrations on the show floor, attendees will learn real-workplace principles which are easily applied to their own businesses. The Knowledge College is also a great place for cutting-edge training to spark creativity, deepen your knowledge and bring you new ideas and inspiration to sharpen your skills.

Topics, such as landscape design, container gardening, irrigation, pruning, new trends and labor workshops, will help industry members tackle the everyday challenges of running a business. Programs such as the Pollinator, Landscape Efficiency and Pest Management workshops will provide keys to safeguard business investments and keep liabilities down.

Choose one or multiple workshops to build a program tailor-made for you and set yourself, knowledge-wise, above your competitors! Register by September 2 at $75 per workshop. Continuing education units (CEUs) for FNGLA certifications as well as other certifications such as ISA, Landscape Architect and Pesticide Applicator licenses are available for attending. To register to attend, click here.

Meet our 2016 Knowledge College Experts here.












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FNGLA’s Landscape Certification Exams Set For Fall FNGLA’s Certified Landscape Technician (FCLT) program provides a means to educate and certify your landscape installation technicians. This hands-on approach to testing is suited perfectly to the employee in the field – by testing their skills in landscape installation.

Join FNGLA and SeaWorld Horticulture in Orlando for testing August 27. This popular test site serves as the Central Florida location for all of FNGLA’s landscape certifications.

The next stop is Davie October 7, hosted by the FNGLA Broward Chapter. This is the only bilingual exam site in the state and takes place at the University of Florida Ft. Lauderdale Research Center.

Two options for training are available. English: September 2 at UF in Davie and Spanish: September 24 at UF Miami-Dade Extension in Homestead. For more information, contact Merry Mott at mmott@fngla.org or 407-295-7994.

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FNGLA’s Business is Also a Pleasure: Thank You for Your Involvement

Is it me or does it seem the older you get, the faster time seems to go by?  In the blink of an eye, July is over and the summer is drawing to an end. 

The first month of my presidency was not all work though.  I had the pleasure of attending a couple of chapter installation dinners around the state which were very enjoyable. So perhaps the right saying would be, “Time flies when you are having fun.”  Not all of the duties of this position are work, there is some fun involved.

The first event I attended was the FNGLA Miami-Dade Chapter Installation Banquet and Casino Night.  After a brutal two hour trek through Friday rush hour traffic, I arrived at the Women’s Club of Homestead where the event was held.  I probably shouldn’t complain since Ben Bolusky, Billy Butterfield and Billy Deal made the trip down from Orlando.  This was the first installation I have attended outside of the Broward Chapter.  It was great to see some familiar faces as well as getting the opportunity to meet some new folks.  Incoming President Peggy Machin did an excellent job hosting the festivities and I congratulate and wish her luck in the upcoming year. 

Florida Representative Holly Raschein was also on hand to install the incoming officers.  This was the third time in about two years I have run into Holly at an FNGLA event.  She is a great ally for our industry and always seems to have our best interest at heart.  I wish to congratulate Kim Hosang for being awarded the Babe Greer award.  It was the first time I met Kim, but heard lots of wonderful things about her. The evening was fun, entertaining and the food was delicious. I am glad I endured the traffic and got to experience this great evening.

The following Tuesday evening had me heading up to the Rocking Rabbit Brewery in Mount Dora for the FNGLA Action Chapter’s Installation Dinner.  Once again it was great to see many of my friends from the Orlando area and meet new ones as well.  Vera Gasparini did a wonderful job conducting the meeting as she welcomed new President Katy Steinkamp.  Katy seems like she is ready to lead the Action Chapter for the upcoming year.  It is great to see young leaders rising up and volunteering their time to their chapters.  I wish to congratulate Ty Strode for the Gene Batson Award.  Ty works very hard for the chapter as well and is very deserving.

The month ended with another trip up to Orlando for the Grower Leaders Meeting.  This trip was more on the work side than it was pleasure.  Some of the top growers from around the state gathered to discuss important issues facing this segment of our industry.  Some of the issues discussed deal with labor, water, workers comp, as well as pests & diseases.  It is estimated the number of growers is down approximately one-third throughout the state.  FNGLA needs to remain proactive in protecting growers’ interests and there is no better way to do this than by hearing firsthand what issues are on the table.  For the most part, it sounds like business is up or remaining steady. There are serious issues regarding availability of trees.

On the way home from this meeting, I participated in a conference call regarding FNGLA’s Political Action Committee.  The purpose for the PAC is to increase visibility and provide campaign assistance, on a bipartisan basis, to Florida state legislators and candidates who actively support our industry. We are coming up on a very important election and need ensure that the right people for our industry are elected.  If you are ready to donate, please go to FNGLA.org or call the office. This is money very well spent.

I want to thank the members of the FNGLA Miami-Dade and Action Chapters for inviting me to their installation dinners.  I especially want to thank those who step up to lead their chapters. It is never easy finding people who are willing to give their time and dedication to fill these positions. Often it is the same people who volunteer time and time again. This is the case in my Chapter, Broward, and I see it happening in these other chapters around the state. This is an exceptional Association and hopefully more folks step up to help out in these roles. If you are too busy to take on a leadership role, at least come out to support your Chapter and the men and women who keep it going. Thanks for your time and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Robert Shoelson, FCLC
Getting Green Plant Service, Inc. (Davie) &
Betrock Information Systems, Inc. (Hollywood)

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FNGLA’s Annual Convention: Where People Power & Flower Power Met!
New this year was a landscape service project at a local Central Florida Boys and Girls Club. As a pre-convention optional activity, 20 volunteers representing most of FNGLA’s chapters worked together planting trees and shrubs to enhance the landscape and add shade to the new playground.  All of the plants and trees were donated by FNGLA members from our Frontrunners and Action Chapters, while lunch was provided by Sun-Fire Nurseries (Sarasota). FNGLA members shined with their generosity, hard work and eagerness to serve.

FNGLA Convention registrants who attended the tour at Harry P. Leu Gardens received VIP treatment as garden director Robert Bowden and his horticulture staff gave an exclusive tour of one of Florida’s most impressive botanical gardens.  As an extra-special treat, several FNGLA members enjoyed a delicious breakfast cooked and served by Robert in the garden’s beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion.

FNGLA convention goers went backstage at SeaWorld as its horticulture team provided a private tour of the theme park’s horticulture facilities complete with production and supply areas. The SeaWorld horticulture facility serves as the Central Florida FNGLA Certified Landscape Exams site, so the tour included a walk through the exam stations with certification judges on hand to explain each station.

The Welcome Reception at Sea World’s Port of Call offered folks a chance to connect with friends and colleagues while interacting with SeaWorld animals and their trainers. In addition, student magicians from the local middle school entertained folks with card tricks and disappearing coins. The event ended with a tour of SeaWorld’s colorful landscape led by members of SeaWorld’s horticulture staff.

Saturday was a full day of activities beginning with FNGLA’s Annual Membership meeting and ending in a grand finale at the President’s Gala. The afternoon allowed for networking by the pool or walking the nature trail at the Rosen Shingle Creek.
Seven FNGLA members were recognized as the 2016 Industry Awards Winners, including P.J. Klinger (Brantley Nurseries) as this year’s inductee into the FNGLA Hall of Fame and Bob Cook (Southern Agricultural Insecticides) as the 2016 Wendell E. Butler Award winner which is FNGLA’s most prestigious award.  Access each award winner’s video presentation: http://www.fngla.org/recognition/industry-awards/ and FNGLA’s Year-in-Review Recap Video: https://vimeo.com/171442123.

Other highlights of the Membership meeting were the presentation of FNGLA’s Year-in-Review video; the State-of-the-Association address by FNGLA CEO Ben Bolusky; and, the election of FNGLA’s new slate of officers, including Robert Shoelson, FCLC, of Getting Green Plant Service and Betrock Information Systems as FNGLA’s incoming 2016/17 president.

Members of the Central Florida Boys and Girls Club led the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem at the Membership meeting, and provided a brief history on the Pledge.  FNGLA was honored to have Gary Cain, President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida as the keynote speaker during the President’s Gala. Twenty Boys and Girls Club members, from elementary school to high school, provided a grand finale to the Gala with a musical revue dance performance, bringing everyone to a standing ovation and leading many FNGLA members to the dance floor to join in the fun. 

FNGLA Action Chapter members and friends deserve a round of applause for serving as the convention’s host chapter this year.  Convention attendees received a jam-packed welcome bag of goodies from the Chapter upon arrival.  The Action Chapter added flower power to the convention with colorful plant décor and flower box windows in the main meeting room.  It also contributed to people power by hosting an inviting hospitality suite where FNGLA friends and colleagues had time to relax and catch up on business and family news.

Next year’s convention is in the works as dates and locations are already under consideration.  For now, plan to be in the Fort Lauderdale area in June 2017 for another inspiring, informative and fun convention weekend!]]>
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FNGLA Names Industry Award Winners: Celebration to be held June 18 in Orlandohttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=28632Thursday, May 9, 2016See Many of the Industry's Up and Coming New Plants at Florida Flower Trials This Week, Orlando!http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=28631Thursday, May 9, 2016TPIE Elevated Expectations for 2016 & Beyondhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=24618Thu, 28 Jan 2016 00:00:00 GMTTPIE: You We're Looking Forward to a Great Show Elevating Expectations!http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=24613Wed, 13 Jan 2016 00:00:00 GMTRegister for TPIE by January 8 for Lowest Prices!http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=23609Mon, 04 Jan 2016 00:00:00 GMTThe Landscape Show Spotlighted The Best of the Best: FNGLA's Landscape Award Winnershttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=23586Tue, 20 Oct 2015 00:00:00 GMTThe Landscape Show Focused on Growing Your Tomorrowhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=23585Tue, 20 Oct 2015 00:00:00 GMTThe Landscape Show/SHARE Golf Tournament Moves to Shingle Creekhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=23567Mon, 24 Aug 2015 00:00:00 GMT The Landscape Show: Growing Your Tomorrowhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=19556Tue, 14 Jul 2015 00:00:00 GMTRegistration is Now Open for The Landscape Showhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=18550Wed, 01 Jul 2015 00:00:00 GMTFNGLA Names Industry Award Winners: Celebration to be held June 13 in Coral Gableshttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=13516Wed, 15 Apr 2015 00:00:00 GMTStart 2015 with WOW At TPIE!



Contact: Jennifer Nelis, FNGLA Director of Communications & Public Relations


Phone: 407.295.7994 or 800.375.3642


Start 2015 with WOW At TPIE!

It’s the only national trade event which links your business to the beautiful and profitable world of tropical plants and foliage. You’ll love the show. You’ll love the people. You’ll love Fort Lauderdale! TPIE offers the widest array of unique and new tropical plants and products from hundreds of the industry’s leading companies. With nearly 6000 industry professionals gathered in one place, you’ll have access to a large network of smart and creative people who speak your language.

Don’t Miss These TPIE Key Events:

TPIE Road Show: It’s Education on the Go!
Tuesday, January 20, 7:30 a.m. — 5 p.m.
Choose from one of two creatively designed tours with both classroom instruction and on-the-go training. Attendees will start their day in the classroom to learn how to enhance their designs and marketing skills. The groups, one targeting Garden Center owners and managers and the other for Interiorscape professionals, will then board the bus for a fun-filled and educational tour. Ticket is required and lunch will be included in both tours. Garden Center participants will be led by Tom Shay, Profits Plus and Ernest Wertheim, Wertheim/van der Ploeg & Klemeyer.  While interiorscape participants will learn from Dr. James Del Prince, Mississippi State University and Kathryn O’Donnell, Botanicus Interior Landscaping.

TPIE Opening Session

Wednesday, January 21, 9 a.m.

TPIE’s Opening Session Trends & Mindsets – Creating Success Today by Anticipating Tomorrow’s Consumer Trends and Needs presented by Christine Boland

Here’s someone you will want to meet and learn from at TPIE – Christine Boland. Christine is a top international trend watcher and analyst. Take in TPIE’s Opening Session Trends & Mindsets – Creating Success Today by Anticipating tomorrow’s Consumer Trends and Needs on Wednesday, January 21 at 9 a.m. to get Christine’s take on social, retail and consumer trends and how to apply her information to your products and business for increased sales and profits. Sponsored by Live Trends Design Group and SK/Soendgen Keramik.

TPIE Happy Hour
Wednesday, January 21, 5 p.m.
It’s always a surprise what will happen at TPIE’s Happy Hour! In 2014, a flash mob of local horticulture students took center stage in the courtyard and wowed everyone with their dance moves. End the first day of the show on a high note, don’t miss this year’s Happy Hour: share stories and a drink, continue business deals and enjoy special entertainment.
All compliments of Suntory.

TPIE Exhibitors' Showcase (also called TPIE’s Innovation Lounge) offers the industry's newest tropical plants and related products in a lounge atmosphere where attendees can relax, view industry-related innovative and creative thinking videos, and even recharge their mobile devices. Exhibitors have the opportunity to feature plants and products in this special area. Stop by after 3 p.m. Wednesday to see which items have been voted as the favorite new plants and products for TPIE 2015. Sponsored by Farm Credit.

Complimentary Demonstrations via the TPIE Create Theater
Free, informal workshops, administered by AIFD (American Institute of Floral Design) professionals will take twice daily at TPIE.  Wednesday’s focus is Plant Design Trends (11 a.m. and 2 p.m. sessions).  Thursday we’ll shift to
Plants with A RePurpose! (10 a.m. and 1 p.m.) And Friday closes out with The Art of Plants (10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.).  Each session is unique!  See the Show Directory for specific session detail.

About TPIE
TPIE 2015 marks the 42nd year of this unique event taking place.  TPIE 2016 is scheduled for January 20-22, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale. TPIE is produced by FNGLA, the nation's largest state nursery and landscape association. FNGLA is the nation's largest state nursery and landscape association and represents Florida's environmental horticulture industry, which in 2010 produced $15.3 billion in sales and directly employed nearly 205,000 Floridians. 

For more information on FNGLA, visit www.fngla.org or call 800.375.3642.


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The Landscape Show Seized the Momentum!http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=11477Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:00:00 GMTFNGLA Welcomes New Director of Association Serviceshttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=10467Thu, 10 Jul 2014 00:00:00 GMTFlorida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association Celebrates Industry Award Winners & Industry Sucesseshttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=10466Thu, 10 Jul 2014 00:00:00 GMT FNGLA Nominating Committee Sets Slate for 2014-2015 Officershttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=10450Fri, 02 May 2014 00:00:00 GMTTPIE Brought Inspiration, Innovation and Creativity!http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=10426Fri, 07 Feb 2014 00:00:00 GMTInspire, Innovate and Create at TPIE 2014!http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=10423Thu, 16 Jan 2014 00:00:00 GMTBusiness Was Blooming at The Landscape Showhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=9413Wed, 25 Sep 2013 00:00:00 GMTThe Landscape Show Takes Place September 19 - 21 in Orlandohttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=9412Wed, 18 Sep 2013 00:00:00 GMTFlorida Citrus Nurseries Running At Full Capacityhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=9399Tue, 11 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMTFlorida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) Announces 2012 Industry Award Winnershttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=9392Wed, 17 Apr 2013 00:00:00 GMTFNGLA Sadly Reports Member Deathhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=9386Thu, 04 Apr 2013 00:00:00 GMT5 Questions with … Flower Farmer Rick Brownhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=8380Mon, 18 Feb 2013 00:00:00 GMTFNGLA, OFA, and PLANET Announce Educational Partnership http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=4362Wed, 12 Sep 2012 00:00:00 GMTFNGLA Announces 2012 Industry Award Winnershttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=314Thu, 19 Apr 2012 00:00:00 GMTFNGLA's Landscape Awards are Back!http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=309Wed, 21 Mar 2012 00:00:00 GMTFNGLA Announces the 2012 Florida Garden Select Plantshttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=298Tue, 14 Feb 2012 00:00:00 GMTTPIE 2012 was a Tropical Escape! http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=292Tue, 31 Jan 2012 00:00:00 GMTBen's Bullets: January 3, 2012http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=323Tue, 03 Jan 2012 00:00:00 GMTThe Great Southern Tree Conferece Pre-Registration Pricing Ends November 18: Register Today!http://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=270Wed, 09 Nov 2011 00:00:00 GMT2012 Starts with a Tropical Escapehttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=268Wed, 09 Nov 2011 00:00:00 GMTIt was Full Sail Ahead at The Landscape Showhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=264Fri, 14 Oct 2011 00:00:00 GMTIt’s Full Sail Ahead at The Landscape ShowSeptember will be here before you know it and with it comes The Landscape Show! Mark your calendar now to attend Florida’s premier trade show for the nursery and landscape industry, September 29 – October 1 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL.


Everyone’s business is changing and evolving in the new economy. There’s no better place than The Landscape Show to gain the resources and information to move your business Full Sail Ahead.  The Landscape Show offers the most convenient, affordable venue to meet vendors, take classes, get new ideas, network with colleagues and keep up with the latest trends and forecasts.


Complimentary Opening Session: Adam Putnam, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Take advantage of The Landscape Show’s complimentary opening session, sponsored by Farm Credit, to meet Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam and hear how this bright and dynamic state leader is working to move Florida agriculture and consequently Florida’s economy forward. If you’ve heard Adam Putnam speak before, you know this is a session not to miss! If you haven’t heard him speak, this is your opportunity to be engaged and encouraged by Adam’s real-world views and the exciting opportunities he sees for Florida agriculture, including the nursery and landscape industry.


Outdoor Equipment Area

New this year at The Landscape Show will be outdoor exhibits for those equipment dealers who wish to demonstrate their machines! Here’s your chance to not only see the latest landscape equipment, but actually try it out. Located near the parking area of the convention center, a limited number of exhibitors will have equipment available to test ride. Try before you buy!


Top-Notch Short Course Sessions Planned for The Landscape Show

Education excels at The Landscape Show with a multi-track program available through the FNGLA Short Course, as well as product and informational demonstrations. See the newest products and meet new exhibitors who are eager to learn about your business needs.


While at The Landscape Show, expand your knowledge and take part in the top-notch FNGLA Short Course! Learn from leading experts on everything from current economic conditions to the latest trends in landscapes.  A combination of general sessions and targeted breakouts in the areas of landscape design, landscape maintenance, merchandising/marketing and plants/products are offered.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1:00 – 4:00 PM

Orlando Landscape Tour

Orlando has some of the most state-of-the-art landscapes in the State of Florida and this tour will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what it takes to design, install and maintain these gardens and landscapes. Space is limited and pre-registration is required.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. BREAKOUTS

Design Like An Artist

Gary Smith, W. Gary Smith Design, Austin, TX

While designers solve problems, artists raise questions. Step beyond making “solutions” in garden design and explore a world where there are more questions than answers. With his award-winning work in botanic gardens and arboreta, landscape architect Gary Smith blends artistry with sustainability. After observing the visual vocabulary of patterns and processes that drive the Universe, you’ll learn some simple graphic techniques for recording it all. Unleash the artist within yourself, and make meaningful gardens that express the relationship between the site and your own creative spirit.


Ten Most Common Mistakes in the Landscape

Lloyd Singleton, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Looking for a solution? This session will not only look at common mistakes in the landscape, but provide practical ways to eliminate, fix or improve.


Outrageous Marketing: How to Create Outrageously Effective Marketing Materials

Ron Rosenberg, QualityTalk, Inc., Raleigh, NC

Getting the same tired results from your marketing materials? It’s probably because your sales letters, magazine ads, and brochures look just like everyone else’s. Isn’t it time to try something different…and incredibly effective? In this highly interactive and entertaining workshop, you’ll learn how to apply Ron Rosenberg’s outrageous marketing strategies to improve the effectiveness of your own marketing communications.


Show Stopping New Varieties

Heather Will-Browne and Melissa Shepherd, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Spring exploded with lots of color at the 2011 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. This year, Walt Disney World (WDW) helped tell the story of how plants get their start at FNGLA’s Floriculture Field Days. Evaluators Heather and Melissa will share with you some great finds to incorporate into your designs or add to your inventory.


11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. LUNCHEON

The Road to Remarkable

Doug Stephens, Retail Prophet Consulting, Toronto, Ontario

Consumers have less time and more choices. Success today means being remarkable and standing out from the competition. Remarkable businesses develop a loyal following, uncontested market space and ultimately survive the test of time. The Road to Remarkable will spark your company’s imagination providing proven strategies to move your business from ordinary to extraordinary.


1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. AM BREAKOUTS

Designing for Maturity

Phil Maddux, Sanchez and Maddux, Inc., Palm Beach, FL

When starting a new landscape design, how much thought goes into the way the landscape will look in 15 years? Phil Maddux, a landscape architect in South Florida, has spent many years specializing in residential and estate master planning. Come see how the elegance of classic gardens immersed in lush foliage can withstand the test of times.


Practical Biological Control for the Florida Horticulture Industry

Identifying key pests in your ornamental/nursery system, and the available beneficial insects, mites, or nematodes that could help control these pests, is the focus of this two-part educational session sponsored by the Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers (ANBP)*.  Experts will present targeted talks that zero in on your most important plant pests emphasizing pest identification, natural enemies that are commercially available, and techniques for proper timing and application to maximize control. 



The Business Owner’s Survival Kit  

Ron Rosenberg, QualityTalk, Inc., Raleigh, NC

Come hear seven proven strategies to get more done, grow your business, and take back your life! You’re under constant pressure from the realities of the economy, the difficulties of finding qualified staff, and the overwhelming weight of being responsible for the long-term success of your organization. Despite your best efforts, you always seem to run from one crisis to the next, never truly finding the time to implement all the great ideas you know will grow your business. In this highly interactive program you’ll discover proven, in-the-trenches and easy-to-implement strategies to keep your business strong.


Care and Maintenance of Palms

Tim Broschat and Monica Elliott, University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale, FL

This session will look at the installation and maintenance of palms in the landscape including a segment on disease issues that are specific to palms.


2:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. BREAKOUTS

Using Inspiration for Realistic Landscapes

Carla Shuman, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Where does the inspiration come from when creating realistic landscapes? Are there key elements around which every design is built? Or does the inspiration build the design? Carla Shuman, Walt Disney World landscape architect, will share what goes into the behind-the-scenes planning of many gardens for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.


Going Green with Your Fleet - Alternatives Fuel Sources

David Rigney, Heritage Propane, Port Orange, FL; Randy Coventry, Roberts’ Supply, Winter Park, FL; and Glen Hammond, Gardner, Inc., Jacksonville, FL

Are you looking to sharpen your numbers on fuel costs? Do you know alternatives to what you are currently using? This session will look at LP, diesel and fuel-injection options to make your fleet run more efficiently and be more environmentally conscious.


It’s A Wired, Wired World: The Future of Retail Technology

Doug Stephens, Retail Prophet Consulting, Toronto, Ontario

Today’s tech-savvy customer may know more about your products than your best-trained staff. Technology is changing the way consumers shop and, most importantly, it’s arming them with unprecedented amounts of information. Attendees will gain a fascinating view of key technologies shaping the future of retailing and consumerism, as well as a framework for deciding which are the best technologies in which to invest.


Sexy Succulents Take the Heat! Tips for Success with These Hot Plants

Mark Russell, SeaWorld, Orlando, FL and Kristin Pategas, Hortus Oasis, Winter Park, FL

Succulents are great in a landscape design or featured in a container. Mark Russell will share insight as to how SeaWorld incorporated succulents into its new SeaGarden and discuss the maintenance program. Kristin Pategas will show how creative use of succulents in containers will jazz up any outdoor living space.



9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. BREAKOUTS

Shabby Chic to Recycled Art

Carol Reese, University of Tennessee, Jackson, TN

Ever think about adding windows, bicycles, stoves or old trucks to your designs. This presentation will show you how to turn shabby into chic and create some very elegant designs. Come see how to create fabulous new landscapes with plain old stuff. It is fun, affordable and maybe a little far out. This will be a session not to miss!


Sustainable Maintenance of Turf in the Landscape

Lee Bloomcamp, Syngenta, Gainesville, FL

Properly managed turf can enhance landscape aesthetics and space utilization.  This session will offer practical information on how to manage turf as part of the landscape.  See how selection of the suitable turf species, and appropriate maintenance play an important role in the success of the modern landscape. 



Enhancing Your Marketing with Video

Chris Beytes, Ball Publishing, Chicago, IL

Are you looking for ways to stretch your marketing dollars? You don’t have to hire a movie crew. Chris Beytes will show attendees some great tips for making short in-house videos for Youtube and share how industry is using as an easy marketing tool.


Edible Landscapes: Fruit and Espalier

Paul Fisher, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL and Robert Bowden, Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL

As the theme “Home Grown” still remains in the minds of today’s consumers, Dr. Paul Fisher will highlight some of the new varieties of fruits being developed at the University of Florida.  And, Robert Bowden will offer instruction on a special technique called espalier. Espalier can be used not only as a decorative element in landscape designs but for gardens with limited space.  It’s just another way to incorporate edibles in the landscapes.


10:15 a.m. -11:15 a.m. BREAKOUTS

Make Your Container Gardens Sizzle

Sharon Lovejoy, South Bristol, ME

Sharon Lovejoy is an award-winning author and illustrator, including recognition from the American Nursery and Landscape Association. For 13 years, Sharon was a contributing editor for Country Living Gardener magazine with an award-winning feature column. She currently is a regional contributor for Lowe’s home improvement. Her homes and garden designs have been featured in countless books and magazines throughout this country, England, and Japan. Come hear what inspires her container gardens.


Case Study: Techniques for Efficient Irrigation Water Use  

Dr. Michael Dukes, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

This session will provide an overview of Dr. Dukes’ research on residential irrigation water use in Florida. Dr. Dukes will offer landscape professionals insights on design, efficiency, optimization of irrigation systems and key things to help their residential customers be more successful with their landscapes. The use of smart irrigation control technologies will be highlighted.


Making Your Own Road to Success

A panel of industry members will be invited to share their insights on how they have remained successful through the economy’s recession and recovery. Come see how they’ve sharpened their pencils and kept their business running smoothly.


Integrating Natives in Formal Settings

Sponsored by Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN)

Craig Huegel, Ecological Services Associates, LLC, Seminole, FL

Come learn how you can install beautiful, practical landscapes in a formal setting while conserving natural resources and restoring wildlife habitat. Learn about native trees and shrubs which perform well in the landscape and provide great food and resources for a variety of residents and migratory birds and butterflies.


11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. - LUNCHEON

Botanical Version of Peyton Place

Carol Reese, University of Tennessee, Jackson, TN

After this luncheon session, your outdoor walks will never be the same. Carol’s talk will not only indelibly remind you that flowers are sex organs; she will expose the more deviant forms. Beyond the blooms are bizarre stories of the sex lives of frogs, dragonflies, bees, butterflies and moths. Yes, Carol does make it funny, but it is actually a wonderful trip through the intimate interactions just outside the window, and the only frontal nudity is of flower parts and garden statuary.  In addition, you will get some fabulous ideas on garden design from Carol’s slides of gorgeous plants and imaginative structures.



The Landscape Show/SHARE Golf Tournament

Get your game on, golf game that is, at The Landscape Show/SHARE Golf Tournament! Taking place on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 held at Marriott's Grande Pines Golf Club in Orlando, FL.

This annual fundraiser, hosted by FNGLA's Allied Division, all proceeds from the annual golf tournament will benefit the FNGLA Endowed Research Fund in the University of Florida's Foundation. The division has raised a grand total of $155,000 since 1994 through the golf classic.

More fun has been added to the tournament with package prices for mulligans, red tee shots and a new Par Three Challenge. Registration includes green and cart fees and lunch. Awards will be given to the top three teams, closest to the pin and longest drive.


About FNGLA & The Landscape Show

Plans for an even larger 2012 The Landscape Show are already in the works.  The trade show returns September 27 - 29, 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.


The Landscape Show is produced by the Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA). FNGLA represents Florida's nursery and landscape industry, with an estimated $15.2 billion in industry-wide sales. For more information contact FNGLA at 1533 Park Center Dr., Orlando, FL, 32835.
info@fngla.org, (800) 375-3642




Editor’s Note: For pictures of 2011’s The Landscape Show, visit www.thelandscapeshow.org post-show or contact Jennifer Nelis, jnelis@fngla.org for images and details

Live show updates will be provided via Facebook at www.fngla.org/FNGLA or via Twitter at www.twitter.com/FNGLA.

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Plants: Special Agent "Air Cleaners" Reporting for Duty -- News from NFFhttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=224Thu, 09 Jun 2011 00:00:00 GMTNominate your Favorite Plant as a 2012 Florida Garden Selecthttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=220Thu, 02 Jun 2011 00:00:00 GMTFNGLA Committee Nominates New Officershttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=214Wed, 25 May 2011 00:00:00 GMTDiscounted I-9 Webinar to FNGLA Membershttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=211Thu, 19 May 2011 00:00:00 GMTFloriculture Field Days & Performance Trials Inspires Attendees at Epcothttp://www.fngla.org/newsmanager/templates/?z=2&a=209Thu, 19 May 2011 00:00:00 GMTWhat a Session! 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