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FNGLA Announces New Member Recruitment Contest

Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Article by: Greenline

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Longtime FNGLA members probably remember the day when members pitted themselves against others to be “top recruiters.”  It’s an easy sell-- as there’s so many great reasons -- many cost-saving reasons -- to be a member of FNGLA.
It’s time to celebrate!

Starting January 1 and leading into the FNGLA Annual Convention, June 1, members can earn a $50 credit for each new member recruited.  You might be thinking, “Wow!  I can make some serious cash.”  We say, “Yes!”  And there are two options for pay-off: you can easily keep the cash, or you can contribute it to your local FNGLA chapter.  You decide.  And, the chapter whose members, by percentage, bring in the most members, will earn a well-deserved surprise. Rules and restrictions may apply.  FNGLA intends to pay-out all credit monies earned in June, 2017.

Have fun-- promote FNGLA and its benefits-- and, earn a dividend! It’s really that simple!

For more information on FNGLA membership, visit our website's membership page.

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