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Garden Communicators from Across Nation at TPIE

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Article by: Greenline

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FNGLA has a long history of interacting with garden media and communicators.  For TPIE, garden communicators were invited to attend two days of South Florida tours and Opening Day happenings at TPIE.  41 writers participated. Search #GardenWriters or #GWA to stay connected on social media. (FNGLA PHOTO)

In an effort to link Florida’s nursery and landscape businesses with the nation’s premier garden communicators, FNGLA extended an invitation for garden communicators to attend and experience TPIE. The 41 communicators who made this trek experienced an amazing time exploring South Florida’s most unique and inspiring gardens and TPIE’s key happenings.

With the experience starting the day prior to the show’s opening, garden communicators and media toured botanic gardens, private estates and commercial spaces in a more-than-full day as part of the TPIE Road Shows.  A second full day of tours, on Thursday, was also part of the special happenings. 

Garden writer guests enjoyed front-row VIP seating at the TPIE Opening Session presented by Jane Lockhart, Where Plant and Lifestyle Trends Connect, followed by a personalized tour of the show floor, given by TPIE Show Chair Lloyd Singleton.  From touching and feeling the plants and products to seeing show-stopping ideas in the aisles-- the tour ended at the TPIE Create Theater Stage as AIFD designer Jenny Thomasson began her session. From there, the show itself offered an array of educational sessions where these communicators continued to build their base knowledge of Florida’s plants.

Writers who attended included those with affiliations to many TV and radio shows throughout the nation, AAA travel, many gardening book authors and others who communicate regularly about gardening to the general public.

The tweets and social media posts started immediately after they left their homes, and, quite frankly, haven’t stopped!  And, many have already written about their experiences, spreading the word about Florida’s plants and tropicals. We’re pleased with the coverage of Florida plants and of TPIE.

Special thanks to FNGLA member Sylvia Gordon (Landscape by Sylvia Gordon) who was instrumental in piecing together both the tour and the entire garden writer experience at the show.

For more details on FNGLA’s engagement with garden communicators or to be involved in further efforts to connect with this important media group, contact FNGLA’s Jennifer Nelis, jnelis@fngla.org.

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