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FNGLA Membership: A Solid Business Decision

Monday, April 17, 2017
Article by: Greenline

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FNGLA is many things to many people, yet a solid business decision for anyone doing business in Florida’s nursery and landscape industry.

Pushing a no-apologies, pro-business, pro-agriculture, and pro-jobs agenda, FNGLA functions as more than just a political watchdog, offering value-filled marketing venues, events and learning, professional certifications and opportunities for virtually every business vested in FNGLA’s mission: to promote and protect the interests of the industry. FNGLA is proud to be the recognized leader and trusted resource for Florida’s green industry and we do so embracing organizational excellence, staying focused on our members, collaborating and creating partnerships, being a leader for Florida agriculture, embracing environmental stewardship and looking to continually improve on our efforts. 

We also understand businesses seek tangible value. FNGLA brings a portfolio of exclusive value-added FNGLA member-business discounts and services:

• Help your bottom line by discounts in the credit card processing fees you pay.
• How about discounts to process your payroll?  
• Do you know you can get free listings in not one, but TWO online plant listing services just because you’re an FNGLA member? 
• Can your business use a creative marketing shot-in-the-arm? 
• What about group life insurance with no medical exams? 
• How about an Isuzu truck discount? 
• And, FNGLA offers an employment law hotline where you can gain quick advice on wage-hour, OSHA, I-9 issues and sticky workers’ compensation situations and, should research be required, a special FNGLA-member rate is honored.  

Each of these exclusive FNGLA member benefits can make a welcome, positive impact on your business bottom line.  And, the potential savings from using any one of them could end up paying for your membership dues…and then some. 

FNGLA’s two top-rated marketing venues – The Landscape Show and TPIE -- where you can market and shop for the newest plants, products and services offers FNGLA members a substantial rate discount on booth space.  And, FNGLA offers the amazing and unique value of building your business network and relationships offered by FNGLA’s Chapters throughout Florida. 
What’s the value to your business in tapping into emerging trends offered by FNGLA’s premier educational events?  How about the value of earning any of FNGLA’s five certifications to shape your firm’s professional image in the eyes of your clients?  

In the last two months, FNGLA has put consumer impact on warp speed, filming four episodes of “Flip My Florida Yard,” a series designed to educate Floridians on environmentally sound choices for their outdoor spaces. We hope it inspires many to spend dollars on their landscapes. Do you value consumer spending?

There is a big team of members, leaders and staff working shoulder-to-shoulder developing a menu of FNGLA business programs, benefits and services. FNGLA aims high. We aim to deliver business value for your FNGLA membership dollar.  

It’s FNGLA membership renewal season.  Dues renewal forms have been emailed and also sent by mail to you. Be sure to renew today. When you do, please add something extra for the FNGLA-PAC – a critical tool in FNGLA’s advocacy and government affairs toolbox. Your dollars help FNGLA truly make an impact.

FNGLA is undoubtedly a solid business decision.  We look forward to continuing to serve Florida’s nursery and landscape industry and the people who make this industry great!

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