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5 Time-Saving Summer Hacks for Landscapers

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Article by: Certification News

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As summer temperatures begin to rise and business picks up among those in Florida’s landscape industry, it pays to be prepared. Will Womack, FCLC of Tampa Bay Landscaping shares five of his hacks to save time, and be safe in the field:

1. Ensure every truck has access to safety items: water, first-aid kits.

2. Be sure your crews are up-to-speed on using all equipment in summer conditions – a time period, according to Womack, which typically sees more rain and insects.  

3. Make sure that your crews can recognize signs of dehydration and heat stroke in both themselves and others. Signs of dehydration, according to Mayo Clinic, include fatigue, dizziness and confusion. Signs of heatstroke include confusion; agitation; slurred speech; nausea; vomiting; headache; flushed skin; and, rapid breathing, the Mayo Clinic's website states.

4. Remember: school is out for the summer. This means more kids will be around during the day. Keep everyone safe by being vigilant to watch out for children. 

5. Make sure all equipment is regularly-maintained including keeping blades sharpened, and topping off all fluids. Equipment tends to be used more often in the busy season. Mowers are moving more. Bolts should be tightened and filters should be checked more often during dry weather periods. 

Will Womack and his wife, Kathy, are the owners of Tampa Bay Landscaping & Horticultural Services. Womack also serves as FNGLA's state secretary/treasurer.  

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