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Maximize Opportunities for Industry Visibility & Promotion via FNGLA

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Article by: Greenline

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FNGLA members are eligible for an array of discounts and benefits on services essential to a successful business. If you’re a member, maintain your membership and take advantage of these benefits. If you’re not yet an FNGLA member, use FNGLA’s online ROI calculator to see how you can benefit. 

For Growers, Landscape Pros and Retail Members: 

• Group Life Insurance is available from LPL Financial. The plan offers discounted Rates negotiated by FNGLA for all members, spouses, employees and family members; guaranteed Issue Amounts up to $50,000 with no medical exams required, eligible members can elect up to $300,000 of coverage (simplified underwriting); and, easy online enrollment available. The program is offered by LPL Financial: Matthew J. Antos, CFP®, Wealth Management Advisor. Reach Matt at 888-652-6468 or matthewj.antos@lpl.com

• Outsource your company’s payroll without giving up the flexibility and personal attention you need. MasterPay USA will keep you in compliance and make payroll easy. FNGLA members are eligible for an exclusive 15% discount on published payroll processing prices. The discount is immediate and on-going, not an introductory rate and includes free Direct Deposit and Web Access; automated payment of all Federal, State & Local payroll taxes; and, garnishment administration with electronic Child Support Payments. Contact Debbie Sonntag at MasterPay USA: 407-374-1665. 

• Looking for an affordable and reliable credit card processing solution? Transaction Services (TRX) offers huge savings and excellent service. The program was designed to maximize savings, eliminate hidden fees and offer excellent, U.S.-based service. TRX offers a free virtual terminal, next day funding, mobile options, processing of all card types, EMV Chip terminals, ACH, Level 2 & 3 processing and more. Call 888-933-8797 for additional details. 

Grower Members: 

• The FNGLA Locator powered by PlantANT places your product online where buyers search for plants and services every day. FNGLA Members can advertise 5 listings at no cost

• Take advantage of your “Fresh From Florida” membership, provided to you by FNGLA. Your business qualifies to take advantage of customized Fresh From Florida benefits. Fresh From Florida offers a variety of benefits

• PlantFinder, brings together both print and online advertising opportunities.  FNGLA members can choose both print and online advertising with member discounts or up to 5 free online listings. FNGLA members and loyal PlantFinder advertisers also receive free PlantFinder banner ads and an additional 5 listings, over $70 monthly value, free to FNGLA members. Call PlantFinder at 800-627-3819 for more information. 

• It’s easy to order everything from business cards to large signs at FNGLA member discounts! Among its many professional services, Creative offers FNGLA members an exclusive FREE 2-hour marketing consultation (worth over $500) with report & recommendations; 15% discounts off web and logo designs; and, monthly specials & coupons. Contact Randy Pierce at 407-855-0202 for details. 

Landscape Members:  

• Add an Isuzu to your fleet and utilize your FNGLA member benefit.  Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. provides all FNGLA members a special FNGLA-only discount on the purchase of any new Isuzu commercial vehicle from any Florida Isuzu dealership. The member benefit provides an additional discount above any published retail assistance that may be in effect at the time of purchase. The discount is off the selling price of the vehicle before applicable taxes. The discount is immediate, and no rebate coupons are needed. Call Jim Barnes at 770-539-1669 for details. 

• Take advantage of your Fresh From Florida membership, provided to you from FNGLA. Your business qualifies to take advantage of customized Fresh From Florida benefits. Fresh From Florida offers a variety of benefits.

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