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Our Industry Needs FNGLA & Its Benefits Run Deep

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Article by: By Shawn Thomas, FNGLA Secretary/Treasurer (Southern Green Chemical Lawn Care, Jacksonville)

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There are many great reasons why it is important for any company-- landscaping, irrigation, designers, lighting, pavers etc.-- to be a member of the FNGLA. 

FNGLA is the #1 and largest association in the State of Florida representing our industry. They lead the charge in all efforts for us. The reasons to become a member are pretty much limitless. Anything you can think of FNGLA can help: networking; political action; trade shows; youth education; certifications; leadership training; discounts on trucks; insurance; equipment; and, on and on. Whether you are just wanting to get to know other businesses in your area; are worried about state and federal legislators; or, maybe you are looking for a friend to help, FNGLA is here for you. I have heard if you do not have a voice at the government level, like FNGLA does, you may wake up and find yourself regulated right out of business. Add this to the list of FNGLA’s core benefits.

When I try to get a new business to join FNGLA, the first comment from them sometimes is, “How is it going to make me more money?” 

The answer? FNGLA is going to help your business grow and they give you the tools you need to get there. Growing your business surely sounds like making money to me!

My personal passion for this Association is the non-monetary benefits it offers. Some could argue they are “priceless.” My three biggest draws to FNGLA are: its dedication to educating and sponsoring youth; its commitment to enhancing the greatness of our industry; and, its networking with the members of the association I have met over the years. 

I really enjoy working with youth, especially those wanting to be part of our industry. If you were to ask any business what is the biggest issue it is facing right now, I am sure all would say we need workers. FNGLA offers many great opportunities for these youth-- scholarships and certifications to name two. Our industry needs these kids and we need them at the higher levels at our businesses, as foreman, superintendents and managers. My local chapter holds an annual trade show and 100% of the money is donated right back into youth programs. There are many other chapters which do the same. These young individuals are the future of our industry. 

FNGLA is always looking out for what is best for our industry. FNGLA has one of the greatest staffs. They are always fighting for our rights as businesses. They don’t just sit back and wait for problems to occur. They find the problems before they even come up and act on finding resolutions, whether it be an educational issue, safety, or regulatory issue. It is always good to know someone is watching out for you-- particularly when you are busy running a business and fear you may overlook something. 

Finally, I have met some of the greatest people in my life through this Association. They are from all different aspects of our industry. If there is ever something I don’t know or an area in which I am unsure, the first thing I do is call on one of the members. I can honestly say I have never been turned down on a question. If they don’t know the answer, they will call someone who does. I would consider the members some of my best friends. As we age in life we lose touch with some of the friends with whom we grew up. I really enjoy the great comradery I have with other members and this is the biggest reason why I love being a member of the FNGLA. 

You Too Can Be A Part of FNGLA

With over 1,900 members from across all walks of the industry, FNGLA is a great resource for both you and for your business. Join Shawn in enjoying the benefits FNGLA’s members enjoy. Join now! 

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