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Green Industry Entrepreneur Offers Tips for Job Seekers

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Article by: Certification News

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As the economy continues its upward trajectory, it seems nearly every sector of Florida’s horticulture and landscape industry is keeping an eye peeled for qualified employees. Green industry entrepreneur Tony Bass coaches hiring managers on how to hire successfully. In his upcoming workshop at The Landscape Show Redux, 50 Ways to Find, Recruit and Hire Superstar Employees, Bass plans to coach industry hiring managers on how hiring successfully.

 “Today, the rules have changed for those employers seeking new or better employees. The NEW RULES include a healthy use of technology and effective marketing to help employers find employees – automatically,” Bass says. “Traditional job interviews and resume reviews are almost worthless to employers today. Job advertisements of the past no longer work.”

FNGLA spoke with Bass on ways industry job seekers can get an edge on the competition:   

FNGLA: How can job seekers set themselves apart when looking for a position in the landscape industry?

Bass: Job seekers must be prepared to "self-sort" and accept "robo-interviews." The most advanced companies are asking applicants to PROVE they are a motivated person BEFORE they ever get an interview.  Rigorous pre-interview hurdles are a sign the employer wants the best applicants and expects serious candidates to follow instructions thoroughly before an interview.

FNGLA: What are some rookie mistakes hiring managers often see in applicants’ applications?

Bass: Experienced hiring managers look for a great attitude, intelligence, honesty and alignment with company values. Rookie mistakes? Failure of applicants to sell themselves regardless of their background. Failure to accept an entry-level position. Expecting too high of starting pay.

 Bass’s workshop will take place from 9 a.m. – noon Friday, Nov. 3 at The Landscape Show Redux. The cost to attend is $75. For more on Bass’s workshop, visit The Landscape Show’s website

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