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Upcoming Landscape Irrigation Certification Takes Shape

Friday, January 5, 2018
Article by: Certification News

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FNGLA’s upcoming Landscape Irrigation Technician certification continues to take shape as irrigation industry heavyweight Kurt Thompson has signed on to draft both the certification manual and exam. Thompson, whose certifications include the Irrigation Association's Certified Irrigation Contractor, has worked with FNGLA for more than a decade, particularly on the Florida Water Star Accredited Professional program.

FNGLA’s Landscape Irrigation Technician certification is slated to launch in 2018 and will focus on irrigation system service. FNGLA’s Kate Clary spoke with Thompson to get a sneak peek on what he plans to focus:

FNGLA: Tell us about how you’ll approach putting together the curriculum for the new certification.

Thompson: The certification is based on the job task analysis for an irrigation service technician in the State of Florida.  This was completed in November 2017 after nearly six months of polling and discussions led by FNGLA.  The certification testing (both practical and written) is now being developed using the job task analysis to define the critical skills and knowledge. From there, a manual will be created for use by certification candidates to prepare for their exams. Additionally, there will be classroom and on-line training courses to help the candidates prepare.

FNGLA: What is the most important element you hope to test/impart on those who earn this certification?

Thompson: Like the other FNGLA certifications, this certification is being designed to serve multiple purposes:

  • Provide a path for personal growth and achievement.
  • Offer a credential to assist the consumer of irrigation service in the selection of a service provider.
  • Provide a “system” for an employer to use when hiring irrigation personnel.
  • Assist the landscape and irrigation profession to develop irrigation professionals
  • Demonstrate to the State of Florida how the landscape and irrigation profession is committed to the highest level of skills and knowledge possible.
  • Give employers a means to attract potential new hires by providing a key element they seek in prospective employees: training and development.

FNGLA: Who will this certification help most?

Thompson: As with all certification programs, this is a significant tool to attract and retain young people to the landscape and irrigation profession as a legitimate career path.  As THE leader in the landscape and irrigation profession in Florida, FNGLA recognizes the efficient use of water in the landscape is essential to preserving the state’s water quality and quantity.  Professional credentials require continuing education to achieve that goal.

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