Some helpful hints on submitting a landscape project

1. Let the Picture Tell the Story.

  • Remember, a picture really is worth a thousand words.
  • Use appropriate lighting, hold the camera steady or use a tripod-it's hard to make out details of dark or blurry images.
  • Remove any debris or clutter, such as leaves, litter, dead fronds, water hoses or garbage cans before photographing.
  • Soft morning or evening light lessens the contrast and is ideal for taking the best pictures.
  • Check the frame of the view finder and compose the image.

2. Shoot High, Shoot Low.

  • Be creative: show off the landscape by taking shots from different angles to help create better views for the judges.
  • If you are working on a renovation/redesign, be sure to take before and after images from the same point of view. This may also be helpful if you are taking over a maintenance job -- take shots of the landscape prior to your involvement and follow up with shots after you've put your hands to work.

3. Allow the Job to Mature.

  • A season or two of growth and waiting until tree and palm staking is removed can make an average job a great one.
  • Make sure you or the client maintains the project and is aware of the photographer's schedule.
  • If you used any bit of color in your landscape, be sure to include this in the description of the project. It's also a good idea to submit pictures of the project highlighting the way color was used in the landscape. Remember: ALL entries will be considered for the FNGLA Floriculture Award, which recognizes effective use of plant material to create color and texture to the landscape.

4. Make the Judges Job Easy.

  • Answer the required questions in the suggested length. This helps create a more focused response for the judges to evaluate.
  • ALWAYS submit at least 10 images-- and up to 20 images. This is the only opportunity you have to show the judges your work and the best way to showcase your job is through a visual depiction.
  • Get creative with your project information and photo descriptions. Give your landscape a personality; take images of a design from unusual perspectives, such as a roof or from the air.
  • Include descriptions of special or unusual problems encountered and a good account of the client's objectives for the project.
  • Submission of the landscape plans is encouraged, especially for Redesign/Renovation entries.

For more information about the Landscape Awards Program:
Contact Ben Bolusky
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