Brand Management

A Guide to Maintaining the FNGLA Brand

This web guide is for member, media and promotional usage. The guide includes information on the FNGLA logo, and graphic and web standards to support organizational unity. It is important to not alter the logo in any way. All new projects, embroidered items, and reorders should incorporate the new logo.

Your participation is appreciated as we work to create a solid visual identity for FNGLA. Questions can be directed to the Director of Marketing & Public Relations at 800-375-3642 or e-mailed to kclary@fngla.org.

Setting a Standard

FNGLA is one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive horticultural state associations. For this reason and others, it is important that all parts of the association present one clear image through a coordinated identification program. A clear message and visual image highlight the fact that FNGLA is a multifaceted, but unified organization.

Graphic branding is the sum of all the visual impressions associated with the FNGLA name. The goal is for the entire association to have more consistency in branding FNGLA and its parts, and to clearly state who is FNGLA and what we represent.

FNGLA Mission

The mission of the Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association is to enhance its members' business success through political leadership, education, marketing, research, certification and services.

FNGLA Vision

FNGLA is the leader of Florida's environmental horticulture industry and the trusted resource for leadership, knowledge, and business services.

FNGLA Values

The following core principles guide the governance and management of FNGLA:

  • Organizational Excellence
  • Member-Focus
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Leadership in Agriculture
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Environmental Stewardship


Leading Florida's Green Industry

Theme Personality

FNGLA is THE source for all things related to plants and the horticulture industry. FNGLA is the association growers, nurseries, landscape professionals, media and industry professionals turn to learn more about Florida's horticulture industry.

Key Audiences

Members; prospective members; consumers; industry professionals; students; retired industry professionals; professors; researchers; business, government and professional leaders; Floridians; and key media (local, state, national).

Key Messages

  • Protect and promote members' bottom-line business interests
  • Partner in political arena
  • Leader in Florida's ag industry
  • Educational opportunities