Land and Water Legacy Amendment - 2014

FNGLA opposes Amendment 1 on the November 2014 statewide ballot due to its significant obligation of trust fund dollars; overly broad use of funds for land acquisition at the possible expense of land management, water quantity and quality projects; and, because it handcuffs the flexibility of elected state officials to meet their sole constitutional duty -- balancing the State of Florida's budget. Download the Paper (PDF)

Landscape Irrigation Standards

FNGLA supports the development, implementation and recognition of landscape irrigation standards which incorporate the latest irrigation technologies that, promote water conservation, embrace sound, horticultural scientific principles such as "right plant in the right place," are economically feasible and recognize the importance of residential/commercial education and outreach programs that promote proper applications of landscape irrigation. Download the Paper (PDF)

Landscape Irrigation Policy Brief & Recommendations

Historically, Florida's water debates centered on agriculture's use of this precious natural resource. Fortunately, Florida's innovative nursery growers are achieving significant and meaningful water savings in large part due to two compelling developments. Download the Paper (PDF)

Water Conservation & Irrigation Efficiency

FNGLA supports the development and implementation of science-based water conservation Best Management Practices, encourages cost-share assistance for conversion to more efficient irrigation systems, and supports research to increase reclaimed water use. Download the Paper (PDF)

Water Supply & Storage Development

FNGLA supports the research & development of traditional and alternative water sources and water storage methods that are environmentally sound, economically cost-effective and technologically feasible. Download the Paper (PDF)

Best Management Practices

FNGLA supports the development of industry-driven, science-based, voluntary, best management practices (BMPs) that provide cost-share opportunities and other incentives to assist nurseries in meeting water quality standards and other environmental goals. Download the Paper (PDF)

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