Landscape Ordinances

FNGLA supports landscape ordinances which reflect principles of horticultural science and promote reasonable & cost-effective minimum standards for the development, installation and maintenance of landscape areas without inhibiting the landscape profession's creativity and the property owners' choices. Download the Paper (PDF)

Land Use and Property Rights

FNGLA supports the rights of private landowners against onerous land-use restrictions and cumbersome growth management regulations which unreasonably limit land use flexibility and/or unduly reduce the value of privately owned lands. Download the Paper (PDF)

Fertilizer Ordinances

FNGLA supports the development and adoption of a consistent statewide fertilizer ordinance for commercial and residential lawns and landscapes. It must be: (1) based on sound horticultural science; (2) practical and enforceable; (3) protective of water resources; (4) recognizes and encourages the use of industry certified professionals; and, (5) contains a strong public education component. Download the Paper (PDF)

Amendment 4 (aka Hometown Democracy)

FNGLA opposes the proposed Amendment 4 which will appear on the 2010 Florida election ballot because it will circumvent growth management policies; jeopardize private property rights; remove local government flexibility for economic growth; and, place all future growth management decisions in the hands of voters who, with little technical information and data, will be forced to cast votes in favor or against every proposed local comprehensive use plan change. Download the Paper (PDF)

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