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FNGLA Landscape Awards

The FNGLA Landscape Awards Program was established in 1970 to recognize landscape excellence in Florida. Forty-seven years later, FNGLA is still celebrating "the best of the best" by recognizing projects and businesses which excel in creating some of the best landscapes in Florida.

FNGLA’s Landscape Awards are typically presented at The Landscape Show in Orlando. See who won for 2019 here.

Note: The FNGLA Landscape Awards program will not be conducted in 2021-22


All landscape firms (architect, contractor, designer and maintenance) are encouraged to submit entries. FNGLA members and non-members are welcome! Entries in the 2019 FNGLA Landscape Awards Program must have started on or after January 1, 2016. Any project which previously received an FNGLA Landscape Award may not be re-entered.

Entries from either New Installations, Redesign/Renovation, Maintenance or Landscape Irrigation are welcomed in the following categories:

  • Residential (single-family homes and residential communities)
  • Commercial (office buildings, retail stores, theme parks, resorts, golf courses, etc.)
  • Governmental/Public (municipal, county, state, highway landscape projects, etc.)

COST: $50 for FNGLA members and $75 for nonmembers.

For Judging Criteria and additional rules, please see here.

FNGLA Top-Tier Landscape Awards:

From all of the entries submitted, the Judges will select a single entry for each of the following FNGLA top-tier landscape awards:

Floriculture Award – Judged to be the entry showcasing the most effective use of plant material creating color and texture in the landscape

Florida Friendly Landscape™ Award – Judged to be the entry showcasing the most effective use of Florida-Friendly Landscaping’s™ principles: (1) right plant, right place; (2) water efficiently; (3) fertilize appropriately; (4) mulch; (5) attract wildlife; (6) manage yard pests responsibly; (7) recycle yard waste; (8) reduce storm water run-off; and, (9) protect the waterfront.

Environmental Stewardship Award – Judged to be the entry exhibiting the most effective environmental stewardship, ecological sustainability and/or adaptation to local conditions (e.g., wetland mitigations, dune or wildlife habitat restorations, re-establishment/enhancement of conservation areas or natural preserves).

Roy Rood Award – Judged to be the Most Outstanding entry in the Landscape Awards program for the year. It is FNGLA’s most prestigious landscape award.

Why Enter?

Winning an FNGLA Landscape Award increases your ability to:

  • Promote the high quality of your work. If you win an award, you’ll be able to add “FNGLA Award-Winning” to your marketing!

  • Build customer and client relationships. Your clients will feel proud their properties were deemed among the best in all of Florida! It will reconfirm their choice of placing their faith and confidence in you as their landscape professionals.

  • Motivate employees and improve team performance. A great deal of effort goes into executing all of the details of a landscape. Winning an award validates your team’s work!

  • Build a photo library. Preparing for award entries gets you in the habit of photographing your work. You never know when you’ll capture the perfect shot which you’ll use in your marketing and sales pitches for years to come!

  • Generate sales. Closing the deal with your prospects will be easier when they see the value and prestige they will receive from working with your award-winning, professional landscape firm.
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