Official Landscape Awards Entry Application

FOR EASIEST & FASTEST RESULTS: Since this is a secured page, it will time out in 30 minutes. Please organize all of your information and photos and then come back to fill out your entry application.

You may to use as a preperation guide, however all applications and payments must be submited on this web form.
Printed, mailed and faxed applications cannot be accepted.
Please ensure all areas of this application are answered.

ENTRY AND PAYMENT DEADLINE: Thursday, July 14, 2016

The fee to submit an FNGLA Landscape Award nomination is:
$165 for FNGLA members and $220 for non-members.
There is no fee to Submit a nomination for the S. J. Blakely Award,
however the nominee must be an FNGLA member.
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Part 1
Project Entry

Be sure to list all information correctly as it will appear on any award(s) you may receive.

Name of Project:
Property Location:    City: State:

Name of Landscape Contractor: (firm and/or person):

City: State: Zip:

Name of Landscape Architect or Landscape Designer: (firm and/or person)

City: State: Zip:

Date of Installation (must be on or after Jan. 1, 2013)

If Maintenance Entry, the date maintenance began
(must have been at least one year)
Did you use hardscapes in your landscape project?
      If Yes, estimated value $

Note: Judges reserve the right to change any category originally selected.
Not all entry categories will necessarily produce winners.
Judges reserve the right to exercise their authority to
award a "Best Of" in any entry category.
Project Selection:
Project Category:
Total Project Value/Cost:
All value costs for installation types must include plants and labor

Project Information

VERY IMPORTANT: The required questions must be answered.
Answers CANNOT EXCEED a total count of 150 words.
DO NOT use contractor or company names within your answer.

1) Describe Scope of Work and the Client’s Objective.

2) Describe any Special or Unusual Problems Encountered.

If this is Maintenance Entry, the following question must also be answered.

Explain in detail, the maintenance procedures of this project. 
Include explanations of any special techniques used.
Answer CANNOT EXCEED a total count of 100 words.

Part 2

  • Images are the most important part of any entry: they should be clear, in focus, and representative of the project.
    • DO NOT use contractor or company names within the descriptions of the images.
    • All entry materials become the property of FNGLA and may be used for publication and promotion purposes.
    • Whenever possible, include "in-progress" and "before/after" images of the project, especially for the Redesign/Renovation category.

    • A minimum of 10, up to a maximum of 20, digital images must be submitted for each project entry.
    • Please limit each digital image's description to one or two sentences.
    • The descriptions of the digital images must be submitted in the same sequence as the digital images (e.g., digital image description 4 correlates to digital image 4 in the entry submission).

  • Images must be submitted in one of the following ways:

Photo 1 Description

Photo 2 Description

Photo 3 Description

Photo 4 Description

Photo 5 Description

Photo 6 Description

Photo 7 Description

Photo 8 Description

Photo 9 Description

Photo 10 Description

Photo 11 Description (Optional)

Photo 12 Description (Optional)

Photo 13 Description (Optional)

Photo 14 Description (Optional)

Photo 15 Description (Optional)

Photo 16 Description (Optional)

Photo 17 Description (Optional)

Photo 18 Description (Optional)

Photo 19 Description (Optional)

Photo 20 Description (Optional)