FNGLA's Chapters are the lifeline of the Association.

Experience FNGLA locally - participate in your Chapter!

Your FNGLA Chapter is a platform to build your professional industry network. Pick up business leads, ideas and local trends. Seeking ways to marry your industry expertise with local community service? Looking for leadership development opportunities? Itching to advocate your business and industry interests with elected officials? Then step up, get involved and experience your FNGLA Chapter. 

FNGLA Chapters hold fun events, social gatherings and informative meetings.  Be part of the strong, positive, local momentum of FNGLA and its Chapters!

Chapter Structure

  • Chapters are divided geographically into 18 regions.
  • FNGLA Chapter Presidents are elected by their Chapters to preside over Chapter meetings
  • Each Chapter elects their representative to serve on FNGLA's Board of Directors.
  • Chapters are organized geographically with one vote per Chapter on FNGLA's Board of Directors.
  • Members are placed into the Chapter designated for their area of Florida, however, members can request to be part of a different Chapter.