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Resources for Horticulture Teachers

This is your home for the tools you need to bring education, certification and a pathway to success for your students in Florida's nursery and landscape industry. Whether you need direction on preparing for FNGLA's Certified Horticulture Professional exam, participating in FFA Career Development Events or finding connections to career opportunities for your students, FNGLA is your resource.

Testing Your Students for FCHP


FNGLA's Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) program is fully integrated into the curriculum frameworks for Horticulture Science & Services and Landscape Operations, specifically Agriscience Foundations 1, Introductory Horticulture 2 and Horticulture Science 3. Setting up FCHP testing for your students is an easy process. Below are links to the forms necessary to establish your school as an FCHP test site as well as information on the process for FCHP testing for your students. Contact Merry Mott with any questions at mmott@fngla.org or 407-295-7994.

>> Test Site Application Form
>> Proctor Information
>> StudentExamRegistration.pdf
>> Curriculum Outline

FNGLA Apprenticeship


Provide your students with a pathway to a successful career through FNGLA's Apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship is a structured training program in which the apprentice works full-time for a sponsoring employer, learning the skills of the trade through on-the-job training. FNGLA’s Nursery & Landscape Apprenticeship Program includes specialization as a Horticulture Technician, Landscape Technician or Irrigation Technician.

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FFA Career Development Events

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 FFA Career Development Events:

  • Floriculture - Durant High School, Plant City and Tomlin Middle School, Plant City
  • Nursery & Landscape - Durant High School, Plant City and Barrington Middle School, Lithia

The 2024 CDE Events will take place Tuesday and Wednesday, March 12-13, 2024 at the FFA Leadership Training Center in Haines City, Florida. 

Please check the Florida FFA website for the latest information on the Floriculture and Nursery & Landscape CDEs. Click on RULES for the latest handbook and on RESOURCES for past activities and study materials.

Here is the link to information on the 2024 CDEs on Floriculture and Nursery & Landscape: 

FFA CDE 2024 Resources Finals (PDF)

Floriculture Resources: 

Identifying and Controlling Plant Disorders and Plant Soil Water Relationships 

Floriculture Plant Disorders (PDF)

Production – Asexual Propagation  (High School only) 

Plant Propagation FCHP (PDF) 



Wearable Art 





Nursery & Landscape Resources:  

Irrigation Equipment 





Site Evaluation  (High School only) 

Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM: https://ffl.ifas.ufl.edu/media/fflifasufledu/docs/FFL-Handbook_03172022_web.pdf  


Site Evaluation (PDF)


Production – Potting Nursery Stock 




Plant Soil Water Relationships  (High School only) 

Plant /Soil / Water (PDF)

Landscape Certifications


FNGLA's Certified Landscape Technician (FCLT) and Maintenance Technician (FCLMT) exams have been CAPE approved at a .2 level, like the FCHP exam. These exams take a different approach to testing by being hands-on exams rather than written exams. They assess real-world skills in landscape installation and maintenance through a judging process with FNGLA’s industry professionals. Just like FCHP, the curriculum frameworks for Horticulture Science & Services and Landscape Operations provide the course of study for the exams, especially Landscape and Turf Science 4 and 5. FNGLA can bring this certification to your school or host it at the FNGLA office in Orlando. Contact Gary Weitermann with any questions at gweitermann@fngla.org or 407-295-7994.